Hysterical Delays…

You want comedy? Send a 39-year old man out with his 10-year old daughter to (1) pick up dry cleaning; (2) purchase “fabric glue and a few things” for a Medieval Tapestry project. Then, wait for the phone calls.

So I was talking to an in-the-know today, and he told me the Tribe isn’t getting by on smoke and mirrors. They are the real deal. He watched them control a Hofstra team that didn’t play badly last night and noted that William & Mary opened the game with a lob/dunk to Danny Sumner. His immediate question (and mine and yours, too): when did William & Mary EVER go to the lob for a dunk on the first possession of the game?

Jay Colley, voice of the Injuns, said today that Mr. Awshucks took his seniors aside in late December and had a meeting that lasted until the wee hours–as in 2:30am wee hours. The gist: this is your team and you need to lead it. The result has been a 10-2 stretch that has the Burg Buzzing.

Colley dropped another stat on me that play-by-play guys always have in their back pockets, and I love them for it. John Sexton has made the first shot he has attempted in nine consecutive games. All nine have been threes.


John Vaughan won’t start tonight for Mason as he nurses a sore wing. No wonder, as Vaughan has been firing away and driving recklessly. Your arm would get a little sore with 14 consecutive double figures scoring games. Vaughan can and probably will play, but I’d expect limited minutes.

Cam Long will get some extended time at the perfect spot in the season for Jim Larranaga. Consider this a data point in March if we look back and say “everything fell into place for George Mason.”

Frank Elegar remains a gametime decision for host Drexel. They are all gametime decisions, you know. Most just aren’t any different than the original plan.

All that said, all that is no matter. This appears to be the official CAA: LAMM definition of a boring basketball game: Mason gets up early, extends the lead into double figures, and plays 30 minutes with the lead volleying between eight and 18 points.

In the end, Mason defeats Drexel round about 66-52.

Item to watch: if Elegar is a no-go, check out Brusier’s combinations on the floor. You will be looking at next season.


~ by mglitos on February 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Hysterical Delays…”

  1. thomas roberts (i think – it was a long time ago, and there may have been substance abuse involved) opened a game against duke with a dunk from a lob in 1990. and then the tribe got outscored 109-74 the rest of the way.

  2. Drexel put up one hell of a fight, but the trio of Campbell/Thomas/Vaughan came up big again for Mason when it counted…time for Birdsong and Smith to contribute SOMETHING offensively…and I’d love for Long to be in there more…

    Mason vs. ODU should be interesting. We saw last night that a 47 pt. win at home for Mason doesn’t always equal the same result on the road. Of course, we knew that already. ODU will put up a fight at home.

    1-0 on the key road trip…2 to go.


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