Not Really Sure What I’m Arguing Here…

Kyle Whelliston is chatting again at at 4:00.


Following on the previous post, I have copied and pasted a comment by one of smarter readers. Thanks Evan Jones:

RPI Explanation:
The RPI assigns the following weights to games not played at a neutral site:
Home win: 0.6 wins
Road loss: 0.6 losses (Northeastern has a lot of these)
Home loss: 1.4 losses
Road win: 1.4 wins
If the road records you gave for Delaware and Northeastern are correct and Delaware hasn’t played any neutral site games (I know Northeastern hasn’t), then here are those teams’ “RPI records”
Northeastern: 9.4-8.8 (plain winning % .429, RPI winning % .516)
Delaware: 8.6-9.6 (plain winning % .429, RPI winning % .473)
The teams have an RPI winning % about .044 apart.
The home/road weighting is applied to your winning percentage for the purpose of your RPI, but when your record affects the RPI of a team you are opponents and/or opponents’ opponents with the home/road weightings are not used.
Also, if two teams have the same RPI record the RPI doesn’t care which one of them has the better conference record.


My reply:

Northeastern is 2-0 this season in games played against Delaware.

There is no computer that can tell me Delaware is better. Now, let’s look at where the RPI is good. Towson has an identical record as Northeastern. However the Tigers’s schedule has been far weaker and has a worse RPI.

Yes, the oddity is this: Towson 77, Nor’Easter 71. Go figure.

The RPI is a tool, folks, to be used as a measure of relativity. It doesn’t tell the good; more likely exposes the posers. Personally, I put no credence in the difference between George Mason’s #52 and #55.

Oh, you still need to sweat it. Absolutely.

Because not everyone is as savvy as the readers of CAA: LAMM.

I’m just glad the selection committee puts an emphasis on watching games. Your eyes won’t lie, if you see enough hoops.


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