In the Second Shortest Conversation Ever…

Tommy Shafer called this morning. I was shavering but picked up the phone anyway. Though our conversations have been anything but conversive I’ve come to rather enjoy them. Plus, I’m dying to engage the man who has supplanted Blaine Taylor as the best aw-shucks coach in the conference. (I mean if it were Tony Shaver calling, not this unknown Shafer guy…)

Shafer waited until I picked up the line and was comfy. He spent probably four seconds waiting for me to stop fumbling around and said: “Told you.” Then, he hung up.

During the eerie silence, in the background, I swear I heard someone shout “Dee, look at what Fountain does here.”

But I could be mistaken.


Humor is a good thing, and this is a funny one, courtesy of one of the CAAZone die hards. I present it here for no other reason than it made me laugh.


Another clip-and-save: ESPN BracketBusters teevee matchups will be announced on Monday morning by the network. You and I both know there will be leaks Sunday evening. We won’t be following it that closely Sunday. One of the rules of CAA: LAMM stipulates that we’re not about being first, we’re about being the best.

Then again, if I’m up late Sunday night with nothing to do I may see what I can find out. But I doubt it.

Funny thing…a coach told me one time this event is more like the BudgetBusters for all but the 10-16 teams where it could make a postseason difference. Very true for the road teams.

But here’s the flip side. The event is also the CAA Proving Grounds. I’m thinking GMU AD Tom O’Connor was okay approving expense reports after Mason’s win over Wichita State two seasons ago. ODU and Drexel had a big win last season. The CAA consistently plays well in the event, especially on teevee.

Let’s also not discount the return game, an important RPI game, in the following season.

This year, Mason and VCU are road-tripping. Hmmmmm…..


Weekend Primer coming up…


~ by mglitos on February 1, 2008.

One Response to “In the Second Shortest Conversation Ever…”

  1. Die hard huh? I’m flattered.

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