Spinning Through Wednesday Night…

We’ll start the kudos-fest today in Towson, where the Tigers dispatched Hofstra 60-51. Stat geeks will know this was just Towson’s second victory this season when they have scored fewer than 73 points. Hint: they are starting to play some defense, a required element to winning basketball games (and other stuff, too).

CC Williams gets a game ball for his 10-point, 10-assist game, but here’s where Pat Kennedy’s great coaching job this season has slipped under the radar. About a month ago, Kennedy told Williams he was shooting the ball too much from long range. Williams thought he was a shooter and Kennedy knew differently. So the coach had the player stop shooting from behind that arc that circles the foul lane and penetrate more. Last night Williams shot only twice from Blizzardville and predictably missed both. The result was Willaims nabbing 10 assists on Towson’s 21 field goals. That’s Corchianiville.

The next thing you know Towson has won three in a row and sits at 5-5 with two big roadies this week. Side note: CAA: LAMM POY Jon Pease did exactly what POYs do: 10 points, eight rebounds, four steals, and four fouls. Pease is the kind of player I’d pay to watch. Unfortunately, after this season that will likely be my monthly dues at the Towson YMCA.


In Newark, Poor Bill Coen wanted to see the results of a plea for defense from Nor’Easter. He was pleased, as the Huskies stole one from Delaware 53-49. Coen now has his “game tape to never throw away.” Nor’Easter did absolutely nothing on offense except make their free throws, but pounded the Hens on the boards and kept after them on every possession (Delaware shot just 34%). Manny Adako, Nkem Ojougboh, and point guard Chase Allen all had double figures rebounding games.


Lennie Mendez (5-8 from down yonder) forced CAA: LAMM to write “the 2-8 Drexel Dragons.”


We still want to know what Tony Shaver said to Nathan Mann a few games ago. Mann led W&M to a shocking 70-67 victory over JMU. Oh, it’s for selfish reasons. The daughter of the blog is extremely creative and artistically talented, which of course makes math homework a bit of a challenge. We’re looking for motivational approaches, and I’ve seen none better than what turned Nathan Mann into a 19 ppg player.

Last season it was Nor’easter, and this season the question belongs to the Tribe. At what point do we stop being surprised by them?

As for JMU, nobody is buying the “Abdullai Jalloh is good enough to be on the floor for nine turnovers” line of thinking. This is five losses in a row, and I’m telling you this team needs Kyle Swanston.

On another note, we talked to folks up at JMU today to find out about the JYD. He took a nasty spill last night and had “concussion-related symptoms.” It appears he will be okay but nobody is going to mess with this one. James is a good kid that has persevered a lot. We wish him the best.


Our final stop is Norfolk, where The Dub came from 19 down, on the road, to defeat ODU 68-65. TJ Carter cored 25 points, including a late three and steal, and Vladie Kools rolled up a 20 and 12, to lead the Hawks. All I can say is “wow.”

ODU led 55-40 with about 12:00 to play but The Dub ended the game on a 28-10 run. Here’s what I will say. Freshmen have the talent to establish leads but seniors need to close out games. Blaine Taylor started three freshmen and two sophomores last night. This gives them all a month to figure it out, which might make last night a clip-and-save moment come March 7.

Here’s the deal: UNCW has been playing this way offensively all season long. They have the talent and depth to absorb off nights from Todd Hendley and Daniel Fountain and still score enough to win.

The difference: defense. The Dub travels to William & Mary on Saturday. The winner will be 8-3 in conference. Another wow. (Of course, we know UNCW wins that game…more on that tomorrow.)


~ by mglitos on January 31, 2008.

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