Oh, That’s Right…A Nearly Full Slate Tonight…

First, today (Wednesday) at 4:00 Kyle Whelliston  chats mid major hoops over at ESPN.com. Engage him (and the rest of the country, who needs to know, uh, things) with CAA banter.

Second, we’ll save the bid stuff for tomorrow. There’s a little more work to do on that one and I have some paying responsibilities.

Third, let’s get to it:

William & Mary at James Madison: Setting aside that “The Kyle Swanston Watch” sounds like a bad weekday afternoon teevee show–you know, one with the DNA paternity tests–it is a relevant subtext. With the names and faces and swings in the JMU season it seems odd to think a role player makes a big difference. But JMUs slump coincided with Swanston’s ankle boo-boo. Everybody’s role changes in an injury situation. Now it must change back. To be clear, this isn’t a guess solely in an effort to avoid needing to put Tommy Shafer in my Fave Five. JMU 75, W&M 70.

The Dub at Old Dominion: Check your emotions at the door on this one. Really. Old Dominion will win this game, probably about 73-68. Old Dominion fans will want to scream “see, I told Blaine to play the freshmen” and start talking about Monday, March 10. Dub fans will be tempted to think “well, maybe we’re not that good after all. I mean, a 5-4 team playing a bunch of freshmen beat us.” Both viewpoints are a little too emotional. This game is a case of the good home team beating the good road team and nothing more. Chalk it up as life and think about Saturday, folks.

Drexel at Georgia State: Seems the CAA: LAMM staff has hit brainlock. We’ve stared at the standings and tried to figure out a semi-humorous angle to this game. Can’t do it. We’re still too stunned to write the words: “the 2-8 Drexel Dragons.” Georgia State 55, Drexel 52.

Nor’Easter at Delaware: The temptation is strong to pick Nor’Easter to upset the Hens here. It’s based on nothing but gut feel. Vinny Lima received his first extended playing time last week and is getting comfortable. Cap’n Matt is shooting better and Manny Adako is playing more consistent basketball. Bill Coen said everybody wants to talk about Herb Courtney and Marc Egerson, but he feels containing Brian Johnson is the key. I agree, and this one will be decided in the final minute, if not the final seconds. My home team bias rules: YouDee 64, Nor’easter 62 (or the other way around).

Hofstra at Towson: The key here is Charles Jenkins’s health. Jenkins sat out the Longwood game with a sore throat that included a high fever. Hofstra trainer Evan Malings is an all around good guy, but I cannot believe he didn’t call to consult me on this. He’s forgotten about my tonsil issues. Hey Evan, it goes like this: two Advil and a grilled cheese sandwich, and wash them down with a huge glass of grapefruit juice. Rest under four blankets and whine a lot. Works every time. Hofstra 77, Towson 71.


~ by mglitos on January 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “Oh, That’s Right…A Nearly Full Slate Tonight…”

  1. looks like the towson game u were wrong on

  2. Hey Michael–

    Is UNCW officially “hot” yet? Or will a win over W & M finally get them into the conversation with GM and VCU–there are more than two teams in this conference–there are actually two very,very good teams (VCU and GM), and two pretty damn good ones (UNCW & W & M) that can beat the two very, very good ones. Should make a great final four if it gets to that. UNCW vs. W & M should be a war. VCU vs. Mason was a great game.

  3. I’m not gonna lie, I’m still not sold on my beloved team yet as a championship caliber squad, but damn I loved beating ODU. We haven’t beaten them since I wrote an article in the Wilmington Star calling them “overrated underachievers”. In 2002. Rumor has it that it became bulletin board material.

    The curse is broken!! 🙂

  4. The great hairy one is right on target. I am glad he has given up providing our opposition bulletin board material. Last night was very sweet for Hawk fans everywhere. On to Bill & the Virgin – let’s hope our train keeps chuggin’ along!

  5. Once again, excellent pick MGL.

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