If The Season Ended Today…

I know, it doesn’t. In fact, some would argue that the season starts today. But that is a whole lot less fun that matching them up at the halfway point. (And yes, we’ll get to Mason and VCU.)

Side note: it’s possible I have my tiebreakers incorrect, but I don’t think so. Regardless the point is this: March 7-10 is going to be a doozie of a weekend.

Friday Opening Round

#5 William & Mary vs. #12 Georgia State (was that game last year any good?)

#6 ODU vs. #11 Drexel (typically a Sunday game now on Friday)

#7 Towson vs. #10 Northeastern

#8 Hofstra vs. #9 James Madison

Saturday Quarters

#1 VCU vs. Hofstra/JMU winner (JMU handed VCU its only defeat.)

#2 Delaware vs. Towson/Northeastern winner

#3 UNCW vs. ODU/Drexel winner

#4 George Mason vs. W&M/Ga State winner


Random stuff includes loving the Lock Box at The Bracketboard. After the Internet, this term is the best gift Al Gore gave the world. Accuracy isn’t why I love it. It’s just the best way I’ve seen to quantify it all in my eyes and mind.


Also, a friend of CAA:LAMM has devised a nice spreadhseet to keep track of potential BracketBusters opponents. He’s separated home and visitors and sorted by RPIs for possible opponents. What’s more, he’s taken into account the rules, such as you cannot play someone in BB you already have on your schedule.

For the CAA, this lines up:

VCU at Illinois State

Mason at Southern Illinois

Delaware at Northern Iowa

Hofstra at Toledo

San Jose State at UNCW

Albany at William & Mary

Morehead State at James Madison

Northeastern at Murray State

Youngstown State at Old Dominion

Tennessee Martin at Drexel

Loyola (Ill) at Towson

Georgia State at St. Peter’s


~ by mglitos on January 29, 2008.

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