Deuce and Tommy…

Look for the inverse scouting report this evening. What the fat does that mean, you ask?

Here’s an example. Everybody knows Will Thomas passes very well out of the double team. Everybody knows Dre Smith and John Vaughan can shoot it. You can bet your bippy Anthony Grant knows that, and you know Grant will be double-teaming Thomas. For all of the talent of VCU freshman Lary Sanders, if he plays Thomas straight up I’m thinking Thomas puts up Chamberlain-esque numbers.

Here’s the inverse: Hofstra was successful passing out of the post to the foul line, not to the three-point line. Darren Townes nailed two foul line jumpers and had two dunks. The key is not how well Smith/Vaughan shoot from behind the arc; it is how successful Louis Birdsong can be shooting and distributing from 15 feet. A boxscore of 14 points and five assists from Birdsong spells doom for VCU.

Here’s another. Vaughan will likely be slated to hound Eric Maynor. Will this affect Vaughan’s offense? Doesn’t really matter. Maynor will get into the lane on Vaughan, who isn’t big enough or quick enough to guard Maynor. It’s what happens from there that matter. Maynor scoring 30 with four assists is less effective than Maynor scoring 18 points and dishing 12 assists. Michael Anderson with double figures hurts Mason.

All of the talent and all of the “stars” in this game and I’m saying the difference is Louis Birdsong and Michael Anderson? Yes I am. Two great defensive teams as well but I like this game to get into the 70s. VCU likes a high possession game and Mason prefers to run.

The more points scored the more I like Mason.


Shafer called me again. Woke me up, as the clock was working its way towards 4:00am. Apparantly Shafer had obtained a bootleg copy of the ODU/W&M game from earlier that evening and he was reviewing it.

“Don’t let them fool you,” he said hurriedly. I heard the click-clack of the tape machine going backwards and forwards. “I still like this team and how they are playing. Don’t you change a thing, you understand? We are all being tested here.”

With that, he shouted–not at me, I presume–“weak side, weak side!”

Feeling as though I had lost him even though he called me, I quietly put the receiver back down and rolled over to get back to sleep. “Weak side,” I thought as I drifted off. “Weak side. What does that mean?”


~ by mglitos on January 29, 2008.

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