Cleaning Out the Closet on a Saturday Morning…

Perhaps that was my intention, but I chose instead to load some old Blink 182 onto the iPod and clean out some random thoughts:

Whelliston puts the “mid major” discussion to bed, in my mind. Seems an appropriate source, no? You ever want a definition, check out the following, and in this order: Direct RouteRed Line DataSecond Red Line Data. That’s officially a non-issue.

This whole freshman thing keeps growing on me. It’s the whole “guards plus experience give you the the keys to kingdom” deal. Check out the two players on each CAA team who are entrusted with the basketball:

Delaware: Brian Johnson (Soph) and Fonzie Dawson (Fr.)

Drexel: Gerald Colds (Fr.) and Jamie Harris (Fr.)

Hofstra: Greg Johnson (Jr) and Antoine Agudio (Sr.)

UNCW: Chad Tomko (Fr) and TJ Carter (Sr.)

VCU: Eric Maynor (Jr.) and Joey Rodriguez (Fr.)

ODU: Brandon Johnson (Sr.) and Darius James (Fr.)

Mason: Folarin Campbell (Sr.) and Carter/Vaughan/Smith (upperclassmen)

JMU: Pierre Curtis (Soph) and Abdullai Jalloh (Jr.)

Northeastern: Matt Janning (Soph) and Chase Allen (Fr.)

Georgia State: DJ Jones (Fr.) and Lennie Mendez (Sr.)

Towson: CC Williams (Sr.) and Rocky Coleman (Jr.)

William & Mary: David Schneider (Soph.) and Nathan Mann (Sr.)

That’s 12 of the 24 players that are underclassmen.

The above list doesn’t even include these freshmen: Charles Jenkins at Hofstra (likely freshman of the year); Edwin Santiago and DJ Boney at Delaware; Ben Finney and Frank Hassell at ODU; Larry Sanders and Lance Kearse at VCU; Cam Long at Mason; Heiden Ratner at JMU; Dominique Lacy at UNCW; and Jihad Ali at Georgia State.

All are contributing significantly to their teams.


Later today, after cleaning the bathroom, I’m going to start working on a Midseason Report. The goal is to get that finished over the weekend, but you and I know to look for it on Tuesday.


~ by mglitos on January 26, 2008.

One Response to “Cleaning Out the Closet on a Saturday Morning…”

  1. Kudos to UNCW…they came up big when it counted against my Mason boys tonight. I officially have a new Brett Blizzard-type player to hate for the next four years: Tomko. Mason is in trouble…a loss already to UD and UNCW, two teams we’re tied with for 2nd place. We’ll have to beat each of those teams the next time we play them at home, and come away with a victory on Tues. night simply to stay near the top of the CAA.

    Ugh. My stress level is suddenly rising…

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