Your “When Two Worlds Collide” Weekend Primer…

Of all of the stats I find, read, create, or analyze, none are as meaningless-yet-fun to follow than the pursuit of Hofstra’s team to supass Antoine Agudio’s career point total.

Entering Saturday’s Nor’Easter game, Agudio has scored 1,975 career points. The rest of the Hofstra roster has combined to score 1,478 points. I don’t know why that enthralls me, but it does.

If Hofstra averages 70 points per game the rest of the season and Agudio scores 20 of those points, the team will catch Agudio in 10 games–BracketBuster Saturday.


In Newark, we’re keeping an eye on the ultimate two worlds scenario. Monte Ross’s Blue Hens keep rallying from big deficits (see: Mason) and keep winning the unwinnable games (see: Madison). Now they face a team in Georgia State that has lost late repeatedly (see: January). Here’s one they should win, but we all know what happens in “should win” scenarios.

It’s one thing to surpass expectations. It’s altogether different–and more difficult–to meet them. The Call: Delaware 74, GA State 64.

JMU travels to Towson in one of those “more important than one game” games. We talked earlier this week about the Dukes being at a crossroads. After losing to Delaware at home, now they are REALLY at a crossroads. Usually I only use hyperbole when I’m kidding around, but I mean it when I say this game could keep the JMU season from going down the tubes.

We talked earlier this year about Abdullai Jalloh giving JMU a swagger. It’s about time he proves he’s no Scott Farkas.

For Towson, the Tigers are staring at two winnable home games to get to 5-5 in the conference. Nuf ced.

The third game to watch closely: ODU at William & Mary. I’m too nervous to write anything about this game but will point you in the right direction. Look at William & Mary’s record. Look at Old Dominion’s. Note who is playing a road game and who lost to the other team at home. Finally note how one team has lost its past two games and how the other team has won its past two games.

This is also a Season Shaper game. At some point Blaine Taylor is going to give his talented freshmen 30+ minutes. We’re getting awfully close to that point. As for the Tribe: no comment, other than to say William & Mary will lose this game.

The final game (yes, four of six are interesting but give me a break) is the most fun to watch. Mason takes its A-plus game to Trask to play the Finally Being Respected for Their Performance UNCW Seahawks.

Both teams are playing their best basketball of the season, so just enjoy this one. We’ll talk about it afterward, but I don’t want to spoil the mood by overanalyzing the two best free throw shooting teams in the conference. (Definitely read into that.)


~ by mglitos on January 25, 2008.

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  1. you, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.

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