This Must Be Titled: Sorry Benny…Dean Says a Bad Word?

I get it. The Dub is rounding into form. I’ve doubted them all season and there is a good chance I am WAY wrong. I’m especially feeling badly that I doubted Daniel Fountain and his ability to return from a bad plate of salmon. Moss said on the CAA teleconference Tuesday that nobody worked harder on his game from the final game in last season’s CAA tournament to the first game this season than Fountain.

I get it. (The Dub thumped Nor’Easter, 77-69, and while I’m issuing self-kicks, it might be five…)


In case you missed it, the Keenerifics found a way to lose last night to Delaware you won’t often see. Dustin Dopirak does an outstanding job describing the final 11 seconds, but in short:

JMU is up 65-62 with 11.8 seconds to play; Herb Courtney is fouled with 2.8 seconds left while shooting a three; Courtney makes the first, misses the second, and misses the third on purpose. YouDee trails 65-63, and the rebound is out of bounds, possession YouDee. Inbounds pass to Marc Egerson, who scores and is fouled with 0.5 seconds to play. Free throw good and Delaware wins 66-65.

Money quote, from Dopirak’s article: “It’s beyond that,” Keener said when asked if this loss was as tough as they get. “I’ve been in this 20 years. It’s the worst [expletive] loss I’ve ever had.”


Much more coming later, including more from the JMU/Delaware game. Most importantly, Tommy Shafer called me again last night. I’ll let you know what he said.


~ by mglitos on January 24, 2008.

One Response to “This Must Be Titled: Sorry Benny…Dean Says a Bad Word?”

  1. That was one of the worst losses I have ever watched. I am an official down south and have seen lots of basketball games. I have a relative that plays for JMU and if JMU’s season goes down the drains they will point back to this game as the turning point.

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