That Guy Called Me Again…

It was around 10:15 and I was making sense of the bludgeoning Mason put on ODU. The phone rang, and while I don’t normally answer the phone after 10:00pm, I recognized the number even though I’d only seen it pop into my caller ID once.


It sounded like he was on a Greyhound bus, but I couldn’t really tell. His voice was muffled and I could faintly hear a combination of the Drexel/William & Mary game and the newest Jason Bourne flick in the background.

No matter, as his part of the conversation was brief and clear. “I’d like to thank you for your prediction accuracy,” Shaver Shafer said in a hauntingly sarcastic manner. “You’re getting very good at this, and you seem knowledgeable about the conference. I wouldn’t change one thing about your strategy. Ever. I think you know what’s good for you.”

After the chill finished circling the small of my back and I wiped the Stella off my chin, questions exploded in my head: Was the turning point when you, er he began starting Danny Sumner? How would you explain your defense? What the hell did you tell Nathan Mann? You’re getting bupkus from your best player and still winning; how? Peter Stein?

They kept coming but there was no answer. I knew there never would be, and I sat in silence for what seemed like an hour but was likely four seconds. In fact our entire conversation lasted less than 30 seconds.

“Hawthorne’s three is no good and the Tribe wins in overtime” is the last thing I heard before the click. That, and a sinister chuckle.


Not much to say about Mason’s win last night, other than “wow.” Interestingly, the same can be said for VCUs roadie beatdown over Hofstra.

So we’ll say this: Mason and VCU are playing better basketball, by a noticeable margin, than the rest of the conference. I cannot wait until Tuesday when these two titans square off on ESPN.

And save it. I know VCU has to beat Drexel at home on Saturday and Mason has a tough assignment in Trask. We’re fans and we have the luxury of looking ahead. That “one game at a time” stuff is useless. I’m perfectly comfortable talking about dessert when the appetizer is on the table. I’m never concerned I’ve jinxed my crabcakes.

Besides, I don’t care what happens Saturday. It won’t take any luster off of Tuesday.


I’m starting to feel sorry for Rod Barnes. His Ga State Panthers dropped another last possession game last night. That’s got to be five of their seven losses coming down to the final shot. This one was a CC Williams banker to lift Towson. Another poor shooting second half (see UNCW game) doomed State.

For its part, Towson moved to 3-5 with two winnable home games this week. Towson may sneak up on those that don’t read this blog.


~ by mglitos on January 24, 2008.

One Response to “That Guy Called Me Again…”

  1. Well, I think you’re right about Tues., even if Mason or VCU slip up on Sat. Both of these teams have a legit NCAA shot. It’s a national television game. There’s payback for Mason, based on blowing it to the Rams in less than 2 minutes last March (arrghhh). Maynor vs. Campbell. Can Vaughan or Smith handle Shuler? Do the Rams have an answer for Thomas inside? It’s gonna be a dandy.

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