My Own Attempt at Nonconference Scheduling…

This scheduling thing isn’t easy for us mid majors. So many variables to consider, both good and bad. I was faced today with evaluating the best possible time to play–in mid major basketball terminology–on the road against the preseason #5 team in the country.

You see, at 39 years old it has finally become time to have my tonsils removed. This became evident when my doctor looked into my mouth and said–and this is the God’s honest truth–“my God those things are big and beautiful. I’d bet they cause you trouble.”

My doctor is willing to wager on my illnesses. This is never a good thing to hear.

Once he stopped laughing, I whipped out the schedule-book, also known as The Bible in my house, right there in the office and made a commitment to “play Texas.” Problem is that March isn’t exactly the best time for me. March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day and all.

But I had to think quickly, lest the office charge me an extra $30 loitering copay.

The surgery would be after the CAA tournament, obviously. I don’t know that I’d schedule my own lottery victory party until after March 10.

It’s not going to be March 20. I’m not missing a roadie to the NCAA first round. I recommend taking this in if at all possible. Complicating matters, I turn 40 on March 29 and softball season starts the first week of April. No dice there, either.

I was informed that spring break for schools kicks in, so if I didn’t get in before April I may as well wait until those tonsils constrict my breathing to the point it kills me. So I settled on March 13.

The doctor said it would be about seven days before I’d feel better. Close enough to travel, especially by car. Besides, I have zero interest in major conference tournaments (does anybody?) so I don’t think I’ll miss much hoops action.

I’ll probably need the assortment of painkillers to absorb Billy Packer on Selection Sunday.


~ by mglitos on January 23, 2008.

One Response to “My Own Attempt at Nonconference Scheduling…”

  1. Well, will you look at that! My birthday is the 30th. I’m still one year behind you, though.

    You’re right about the major conference tournaments. Even when I was an undergrad at Kansas, it wasn’t “appointment television” until the final game. If we lost in the semis, we just shrugged and waited for selection Sunday.

    I’ve grown up since then.

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