Random acts of coaching:

Tom Pecora: “I know we’re going to be good enough, its a matter of how quickly.”

Against Drexel: “Agudio could’ve scored in double figures but he passed up good shots to get his teammates great shots.”

Pecora noted that Dane Johnson was 290 but is down to 265. “He lost some stamina initially but is playing now with greater energy.”

Anthony Grant: “If you want to talk about winning a championship, you have to win on the road.”

On leading the nation in three-point FG defense: “We guard the perimeter better becacuse our interior defense is much better.”

On the South Carolina job: “The only job I’m interested in is VCU.” When Grant was pushed about coaching in SEC: “I’m trying to figure out how to stop Antoine Agudio and Dane Johnson right now.” (Cue crickets…)

Benny Moss: “Our team grew up a little bit last week.”

Dean Keener noted that an MRI came back on the JYDs knee and there was no damage. The injury was classified as a sprain. “He showed us a level of toughness,” said Keener regarding James’s ability to play 33 minutes against Mason. There’s your understatement of the week.

Dean Keener, on success this year: “It’s a lot of hard work and better players.”

Keener said there’s “no update on Kyle Swanston.” It’s week by week and Swanston has shown improvement. He is “full weight bearing (no crutches)” and that is a pleasant surprise. Swanston won’t be available tomorrow (Delaware). Doctors evaluate Swanston every Monday.

Gee, thanks for the insight Coach Larranaga: “Dre Smith caught fire and never missed. I’ve seen guys catch fire but 10-for-10 is ridiculous.”

Larranaga praised John Vaughan’s defense the past three games.


~ by mglitos on January 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “Quotable…”

  1. Win or lose Anthony Grant always says the right thing. He represents himself, his team and his university extremely well.

  2. UNCW is coming on. I have been skeptical up until the past two games. The Seahawks are beginning to dominate four major categories that it takes to win. We are due for a big run. I have always believed they had the talent. I wasn’t sure if they had the “want to.” After watching the past two games, I am beginning to become a believer that they do believe. Watch out for the Dub.

  3. must coach grant scare us every year with the chance of him leaving us to go to the sec. i guess its the price of success.

  4. I agree with the comment above on UNCW. They’re led by four solid seniors (including Fountain, who was a student/player at Woodbridge Sr. when I was a teacher there), all averaging double figures. I’m a bit worried about my Mason team visiting Trask this Sat. night.

    As for Grant…he’s a good coach. He’s young. He’s gonna go somewhere else at some point. At least VCU fans can know that he’s built up a strong program, and will leave a strong one behind.

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