Hyperbole, Symmetry, and Victory…

For the first time last night, I was called a college basketball geek. Not to my face–that happens twice a week. No, a certain much-better-looking-than-me person was told about about my geekiness. As if that’s news.

I point that out only to introduce the other geeky side of my personality. If George Mason can get across the Verrazano Bridge in time to play–and defeat–Hofstra tonight, all of the supposed “craziness” of the standings will be nullified. You see, a Patriots’ road win brings them to 4-2 while dropping the Pride to 1-5.

And that gives a perfect symmetry to the CAA standings. We have two 5-1 teams; three 4-2 teams; two 3-3 teams; three 2-4 teams; and two 1-5 teams. For some reason, that comforts me.


I haven’t seen a defensive effort like I witnessed from VCU last night. There were at least five possessions in which the Hens never got the ball inside the three-point line and were forced to jack up a three at the shot clock buzzer. At one point Delaware had four field goals and 10 turnovers.

Put it this way: VCU turned the ball over 18 times, shot only 44%, and missed its first six free throws and won 60-39. Delaware’s Marc Egerson hit a three in the waning seconds to break a combined zero-for-28 stretch of opponents’ three point field goals.

Knowing how Old Dominion plays defense, Saturday’s Big One might be “First One to 40 Wins.”


Special nod to Tony Shaver and the Featherless Wonders. The Tribe–for the third consecutive game–overcame a double-digit second half deficit and won. The eeker over Nor’Easter bring W&M to 4-2 in the conference with a bunch of players you’ve never heard of.


George Mason at Hofstra: Because karma loves symmetrical standings, and because Charles Jenkins doesn’t play like a sophomore until February 15–and mostly because Dane Johnson won’t be able to stop Will Thomas–I like Mason tonight to be the only CAA road team to win in the past two days. But it will be close. Very close, because of the teams migrating towards the bottom of the standings, Hofstra has the most talent on the roster. Final Score: Mason 68, Hofstra 66.


~ by mglitos on January 17, 2008.

One Response to “Hyperbole, Symmetry, and Victory…”

  1. Mason, my Mason…you always seem to make things stressful, but a win is a win. Let’s hope for two in a row on the road this weekend. But, Madison will be tough at home, and they’re dying for a CAA victory based on their recent play.


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