Keep Your Cell Phone with Scores Activated Tonight…

It is another big night in the CAA. However, before we have some fun I want you to read this. There are no jokes for what is a wonderfully-written piece by CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish. It’s an unbelieveable story.


Now, with life in proper perspective, let’s get after what is sure to be a Wild Wednesday. I still have a difficult time saying the words “Delaware is playing for the third time to remain undefeated in the conference and in first place.” So I write them. Football, I can see. Men’s basketball, not so much. Even Monte Ross is surprised at 5-0.

But that’s exactly what occurs tonight.

Importantly, don’t count out the Hens if they fall behind. We saw it in last year’s CAA tourney, and we’ve seen it thrice this conference season–even when down Delaware will fight back. They are playing with confidence now, something that comes with seeing results of hard work. (Side note: it wasn’t as difficult as you think to avoid using some form of “don’t count your chickens before…” in this paragraph.)

Ross told me one of the things that pleased him the most was that the entire team stayed on campus over the Labor Day weekend and hung out with each other–playing hoops, going to parties, etc. Togetherness. Chemistry.

You can see it.

We’re also keeping a close eye on Norfolk, where the Monarchs host James Madison. Blaine Taylor’s troops need a confidence booster. A win is obviously important, but a big win in which ODU plays–and shoots–well is huge.

ODU has VCU Saturday and George Mason next Wednesday before a return engagement with W&M in a Road Anger Management Game. Tonight is important as it could jump start ODU at a critical time in its season, much like it did last year when ODU lost to JMU. (ODU went on to nab an at large bid; JMU won twice more all season.)

For the Keenerifics, the analysis is simple: it would be a road win against a good team. The Dukes would be 4-2 in conference heading home for two games.


Invoking Letterman from the early days: “Let’s get on with it, shall we?”

Delaware at VCU: Because I want to enjoy this one, we’re going with straight math. I don’t know if it makes any sense, but it gets us to a prediction. Stay with me here. Thanks to Basketball State for all the numbers:

Delaware averages 68.3 possessions each game (per 40 minutes). The Hens average .96 points per possession, meaning they should score 65.57 points tonight. However, we need to factor in VCUs conference leading defense, which allows just .86 points per possession. Do just that and YouDee gets 56.39 tonight.

Now, flip that equation. VCUs offense scores exactly 1 point per possession and gets 67.8 possessions per game. Even I can figure it’s 67.8 on that one. Multiply that by Delaware allowing .92 points per possession and VCU will score 65.09.

Final score: VCU 65.09, Delaware 56.39.

James Madison at ODU: The Dukes are no mirage. They are deep, talented, and have multiple weapons. Athletically, they match up well with ODU. Yes, JMU doesn’t exactly focus on defense, and here’s a related item that is based on nothing but watching them for five years: Brian Henderson and Abdi Lidonde are better shooters with a hand in their face than wide open. Tonight, they will get some open looks.

All that said, I like defense and the home team with more on the line. Brandon Johnson versus Pierre Curtis will be fun to watch. Final Score: ODU 76, JMU 73.

Nor’Easter at William & Mary: Once again, the Tribe will lose this game. This time, I actually believe it. The Tribe struggles with a bog man that can move around and score, and Nkem O fits that bill. Complicating matters for W&M is that they switched to a man-to-man defense Saturday (from Tony Shaver’s unpatented matchup zone), which keyed its comeback win over GaState. There will be an urge to switch again. Chase Allen will carve it up. Final score: Nor’Easter 67, W&M 62.

Towson at UNCW: Pat Kennedy says his team is starting to come together. Every coach says that. Benny Moss has not said that. Junior Hairston might grab 20 rebounds tonight to go along with 18 points. Still it won’t be enough. UNCWs harrassing guard play, led by Chad “Slattery” Tomko, will cause enough perimeter havoc. Plus, TJ Carter is the best player on the floor. Final score: the ub 81, Towson 75.

Georgia State at Drexel: Hoo baby, if you love offense you’re better served watching a Law & Order episode. This one could take some heat off of Rick Majerus, as both teams will be focused and hedge to defense first. Rashad Chase versus Randy Oveneke is a matchup of titans. (Have you ever looked at those guys?) Yeah, none of that tells you anything, which tells you what I know about this game. Final score: Drexel 57, Georgia State 54.


~ by mglitos on January 16, 2008.

7 Responses to “Keep Your Cell Phone with Scores Activated Tonight…”

  1. I’m going to go out on a limb as well and say that Pischalnikov scores the 9/10ths of a point, and it’s his only points all night.

  2. Oh, ye gods – that’s 9/100ths of a point, isn’t it?

    Prediction still holds.

  3. Wow. That has to be one of the most difficult pieces of writing I’ve ever tried to read. Wow. (Your link, the first paragraph – not what you wrote)

  4. “Tribe struggles with a bog man that can move around and score, and Nkem O fits that bill.”

    What’s a bog man? Is that a new basketball term?

  5. the tribe has always had issues with paleontological figures. bog man, encino man, neanderthal man, cro-magnon man, and their ilk just kill w&m in the paint.

  6. Thanks for the link to the piece on Parmeter … It really puts things into perspective. Let me be the one to say … Tim, our thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through this difficult period in your life. We are all glad that you have been able to find strength in teaching basketball to deserving young men. Good Luck in the future and we wish you well.

  7. Chase/Oveneke matchup of titans?

    Nope, missed it. The real matchup to see is 6’9″ 250 lb Kenny Tribbet banging with 6’9″ 260 lb Devon Dickerson.

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