The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…Life Gets Better and Better Edition

Streaks busted, Monte cheered, the POY shows up along with murkier standings. And Wednesday means we’re only one-third of the way home.


You can’t spell playeroftheyear without Pease. The CAA: LAMM stalwart netted a career high 25 and 11 to lead Towson past Drexel. Side note: “It was a must win for us” was part of Pat Kennedy’s postgame. I knew it.

Entering Saturday, Hofstra had made a three pointer in 334 consecutive games. Entering Sunday, that number was zero. VCU held the Pride to ohfer-11 from beyond the arc in another great defensive performance.

Loved what I saw from Hofstra freshman Charles Jenkins.

Even Andy Katz is catching on to Monte Fever. Another Carpenter OT win, with a roadie at VCU on Wednesday. Three straight for the Hens in games being played for first place. Still sounds weird to me, but you’d better believe now.

Your George Mason Patriots did just about everything correctly in an 80-52 bludgeoning of Nor’Easter. Shot it (59%), defended it (42%), grabbed it (30-21 rebounding edge), protected it (only nine turnovers).

In W&Ms 60-58 victory over Ga State, the Tribe was down 16 in the second half again before rallying to win late. Shooting 59% in the second half has a way of helping you make comebacks.


The maddening inconsistency of Mason can be traced to Folarin Campbell. His minutes and effectiveness continue to decline, though it appears the team is beginning to adjust. If Campbell picks it up in February, expect a couple of rough games while everyone re-adjusts, and then a ridiculously potent Mason team.

After VCU/Hofstra, I had a choice…go pick up my daughter and set up a trampoline, or chat with STFs Eric Angevine and then hit I-95 north to take in ODU/Delaware. Damned parents and teaching me things.

In that loss to the Tribe, Ga State shot a shade better than 17% over the final 15 minutes of the game.

Tra Hawthorne hit just 2-10 field goals in Drexel’s loss to Towson, continuing a protracted shooting slump. The Dragons also allowed Towson to shoot 50% from the field, not up to Flint Defense Standards.

Time to lay off of the dub’s defensive ineptitude–the Dukes cooled off to an icy 56% in the second half–but here’s the thing about UNCWs loss to JMU: Daniel Fountain does not need to be taking 17 shots.


Georgia State has now played four consecutive games that were decided in the final possession. Lennie Mendez beat George Mason, but the Panthers have dropped successive games to Nor’Easter, VCU, and William & Mary.

See George Mason entry in the “good” and pretend you root for Nor’Easter.

With all of the deserved love Monte Ross is going to get this week, I must point out that he told me a key for his (now 5-0) team was getting Brian Johnson some rest. Johnson did get to sit down for two of the 50 minutes against ODU. Presumably, Ross let him sit during media timeouts as well.


~ by mglitos on January 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…Life Gets Better and Better Edition”

  1. I had the pleasure of sitting courtside in the Carpenter Center for the ODU/UD game. It really was amazing. Those boys played their hearts out for 50 minutes. The two overtimes were quite impressive. To watch them hit all of their FT was a site to see. They haven’t been their strong suit so far this year… great to see them go in when it counts.

    I can’t wait to see what happens this week. I’d like to see two wins, but I know that will be really hard. Good luck boys!

  2. Never fret, MGL. My wife was probably damn glad to see me back home a little earlier after being at home with our five-year-old all day. I will always respect Dad-time over hang-out time. It’s what we do.

    Loved the game and loved the Siegel center, by the way. Photos are up at STF and on my flickr account. Nice to meet you, as well.

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