Perhaps “Enjoy” Isn’t the Right Word…

I’ve thought again about your “enjoyment” of CAA parity and chosen to search for another word. You see, my 10-year old daughter asked me to put “that ‘I Like Big Butts’ song” on her iPod. Very funny and I enjoyed the request. Having forgotten it was a Sir Mixalot classic I had to search for the exact song title. Done.

Went to a meeting; came back. Right there is my Google search bar:

“I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie.”

Yeah, need a new word. Enjoyment doesn’t fit.


Georgia State at VCU: This isn’t Rod Barnes’ first trip into the Siegel Center. He brought his Ole Miss team to Richmond several years back. A close game was decided when Tommie Eddie, his 6-9 bruising center, hit the only three pointer Eddie would make in his four-year career at the buzzer to win it for the Rebels. We’re going the double karma route here: (1) that luck evens out over time; (2) everybody is thinking parity so it cannot occur. Final score: VCU 81, Georgia State 65.

Hofstra at UNCW: There may not be a more intriguing game played this season, and that includes during the CAA tournament. I mean that. dub coach Benny Moss won’t be on the sidelines, serving his one-gamer for his Daniel Neiman of the officiating in the dub’s last game. (Richmond residents will understand that one.) Hofstra has Antoine Agudio playing somewhere between 75% and 100%. At last word, Agudio was 86.7%.

These are two teams at a crossroads, if that’s possible this early. Hofstra is putting the wheels back on and teh dub is trying to keep them from falling off. I’m going with the road team here. the dub doesn’t play interior defense, and an effective Arminas Urbutis makes Hofstra a much better team. I’d guess Pitzie nets about 14 and 8. Final score: Hofstra 74, UNCW 71.

Side note: it’s a “Teal Out” at Trask tonight, and Moss has joked that he may don a teal shirt and sit with the students. I’ll tell you this: I cannot think of anything I’d like to see more. It would be an absolutely fun and harmless move and probably give the Beachsters a lift.

Granted, there is about a 1.2% chance that it will occur. But I’d love to see it and would write letters on his behalf to any educational tightwad who said it was a bad thing.


~ by mglitos on January 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Perhaps “Enjoy” Isn’t the Right Word…”

  1. I think that you have to refer to the former Dub as ub, there is not even a little d in this team nor is there any d in vla.

  2. Wow. A “Butts” reference, right away this morn. Dude, you get better and better.

  3. i, too, like big butts and i cannot lie.

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