Honestly, You Just Have To Enjoy This…

The first thing you have to enjoy is Delaware. The Hens moved to Four-And-Oh with an inspiring, comeback, overtime victory over George Mason last night. The Hens trailed by 19 points in the second half and had no reason–other than pride–to believe they could come back and win.

They did, proving that Monte Ross’ green chewing gum is better than Jim Larranaga’s red cough drop. (I don’t know why I notice such things.)

Seriously, though, even if Delaware is a conference rival of Your Team, you should feel good about this. Ross is a good guy trying to rebuild a program that was, frankly, left in tatters by its previous coach. He is doing it the right way–this is no Billy Tubbs-type rebuild.


I don’t need to look this up, because I’m certain no conference has ever finished with a 12-way tie for first place. The way this season is going, I wouldn’t be shocked to hit late February and have the conference office tell me: “we don’t have those kinds of tiebreakers.”

Seriously (again), though it’s January 10 and we’re all running on early season emotion, it may be a crazy two months. If you try to figure it out, it will drive you even crazier. Here’s the thing: nobody said you had to figure it out. Sit back and enjoy Delaware. JMU beating VCU and losing to W&M. Georgia State beating Mason and losing to Nor’Easter.

The coaches are the ones getting paid. Let them worry. You enjoy it. At least when it isn’t your team playing.


Everyone will talk up Delaware’s 19-point comeback, but let’s not let The Featherless Wonders’ surge from 11 down in the second half to beat JMU last night get past us.

William & Mary shot the ball well against JMUs suspect defense and fought back on multiple occassions. Perhaps more importantly, the Tribe was left for dead about 10 days ago and have since won at ODU and home to JMU. That makes them a full-fledged member of the CAA in 2007-08.


Anagram king Cap’n Matt responded to the CAA: LAMM challenge and didn’t miss a field goal attempt in Nor’Easter’s 79-45 drubbing of Drexel. Manny Adako hit six-of-eight on his own.

You are thinking the same thing I am thinking: 14-16 from the field is a pretty high percentage against a tough defensive team like Drexel. It is, and perhaps that’s why Bruiser Flint may have chosen to send a message to his struggling troops last night. Frank Elegar played just 20 minutes (scoring two points) and Tra Hawthorne only 19 minutes (three points). Both players started the second half with a seat next to the coach.

Drexel losing isn’t a huge shocker. It’s the way in which they are losing that is raising eyebrows.


For all the hullabaloo and overanalyzing, ODUs victory over Towson brings the Monarchs to 3-1 in conference play. It was a clinical victory to be sure. ODU stuck to their gameplan, as always. The difference–and I note this for the 1,383rd time–is that ODU knocked down shots.

Compounding matters for Towson was the horrible officiating. CAA: LAMM POY Jon Pease had a double-double with 12 points and 10 rebounds. However he committed only two fouls, which is very unlike him.


What’s going to happen tonight? I don’t know yet, and even though I’ll try in a couple of hours, nobody will really know until round about 10:00pm.


~ by mglitos on January 10, 2008.

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