One Coach, and One Comment…

Tom Pecora, on the Pride’s tough start: “No matter what coaches will tell you, (losing) has an effect on young kids. You have to make sure they know you believe in them.”

He said that Agudio is progressing. He (Agudio) was 75% on Saturday.

Speaking about Nat Lester, Pecora noted that though everybody looks at shooting and scoring, the “big adjustment for young players is defense, rebounding and intensity.”

On Charles Jenkins: “He makes mistakes but he makes them aggressively and I can live with that.”


Re: The Moss technical and suspension…

Not surprisingly, I see this situation completely opposite of most fans. People are jumping on Brian Kersey for the quick second technical, calling that a mistake. Honestly, I don’t think Kersey had a choice. Moss strayed at least five feet from the coaches box and calling his demeanor “hot” is a little like saying Sam Harris is “kinda tall.” Moss was beat -red, and though I didn’t hear it, I’ve got to believe he wasn’t carefully considering his words.

It’s the first technical that makes me wonder. It was called very quickly, and Moss’ back was turned to the official when the technical was called. Even if a magic word was used, I’ve got to believe you give a coach a smidgen of leeway.

Moss said he was defending his players and was right in his reaction. Unfortunately, Tom Yeager’s decision to uphold the rule was also correct. Officials make judgment calls, and even if the first technical was likely hasty there was nothing to suggest there was anything incorrect.

Time to move on.


~ by mglitos on January 8, 2008.

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