The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…The Mont-Yay Edition

Two things immediately jump out at me when I look at the CAA standings and then quickly look away. First, there are seven teams that are 1-2. That means nothing but it’s a fun trick on your eyes. Second, alone at the top stand the Delaware Blue Hens. The 3-0 Delaware Blue Hens.

Good for Monte Ross, and good for Sam McMahon and Herb Courtney. The players bought into Ross and what he wants to accomplish at Delaware. McMahon has even seen a reduction in his playing time. But they continue to play testicles-to-the-wall for Ross and it shows.

They will lose. In fact hey will lose a bunch this season, probably as soon as this Wednesday. But stick with what is going on up there. It’s the right thing and Monte Ross deserves a round of applause.


See above statements. This week’s “Get to Know Me” player is Alphonso Dawson. Everybody wanted to talk returning players and Marc Egerson and Jim Ledsome as to why Delaware was going to be improved. Check this guy out.

Am I the only one to look at UNCW freshman Chad Tomko and think “Mike Slattery?” I’ve seen the Seahawks three times this year and it took me until Saturday to make the connection.

Good, too, for Tribe coach Tony Shaver. His William & Mary team did the trampling on Saturday against ODU. (Yes, I deserve the self-shot.) The Featherless Wonders controlled the game from its earliest parts and threw gasoline on the Confusion Fire of what this season will become.

Hofstra netted an important home victory Saturday over The Keenerifics. Some will point to Antoine Agreatio being back in the lineup as the difference. Me? I saw confidence from freshman Nat Lester and newbie junior Darren Townes. I also saw another solid game from Arminas Urbutis.  Those three were forced into a difficult situation when Agreatio was out and the entire Hofstra team is better for it.

On the bright side for ODU, freshman Ben Finney netted 17 and 8 in just 21 minutes. I think you’ll be hearing more from him. He seems to be on a growth arc even more quickly than Gerald Lee.

I’m in no way involved in the decision, but I’ll be shocked if this week’s conference player of the week is NOT Nor’easter’s Manny Adako. While Cap’n Matt is still struggling with his shot, Adako is turning it on. Another high octane 8-11 FG performance led the Huskies past Ga State.


I hate to say this, because I love my man Vladie Kools. But he is a horrible defender. I mean putrid. I’ve seen dead leaves turn to oil more quickly than he moves around the paint.

How does Rashad Chase only take two shots?

Frank Elegar made 13 field goals against Delaware. The rest of the team made 10.

Jordan Carter is back from a sprained ankle for Mason, but his six points constitute the entire bench production for Jim Larranaga. Carter played 19 minutes, Chris Fleming 12 minutes, and Cam Long a garbage minute. Three players, six points, four turnovers, and 32 minutes. That’s it. Four of five starters played 30+ minutes. Mason was supposed to be a deep team, and now defections and injuries may have made them one of the least-deep teams in the conference.


The halftime entertainment in Trask was a one-man karaoke contest. Picture Cliff Huxtable’s dad standing by himself at midcourt at Trask, microphone in hand. I was so spellbound by the elderly gentleman signing “God Bless the USA” I couldn’t make a couple of phone calls for info on other games. It was like staring at “The Kramer.” It was repulsive, yet I couldn’t take my eyes off of it!

ODU–especially its guards–continues to misfire in bunches. Their experienced leaders (Brian Henderson, Abdi Lidonde, and Brandon Johnson) combined to make one of 11 three point tries. ODU was 6-26 from behind the arc as a team. I haven’t seen it myself, but I’m told by an in-the-know that Brandon Johnson seems to have lost an edge from his fire.


Clearly we’ve hit January…there was a Herb Courtney/Randy Oveneke dust-up in the Delaware/Drexel game, and UNCW head man Benny Moss got tossed with two technicals.

The way this season is going, passion and intensity will be higher than it’s normal setting of “11.”


~ by mglitos on January 7, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…The Mont-Yay Edition”

  1. Darren Townes is in his first year at Hofstra, but he is a junior, not a freshman.

  2. thanks for the UD props …

  3. Got it Evan. Thanks.

  4. Hope you at least got to enjoy a few cold ones on Front Street… this team is, uh… shaky? 😦

  5. I totally agree about Mason. Watching that game on Sat. vs. Towson, I couldn’t believe that Vlad and Cam were sitting for so long. It was pathetic to see the starters with their hands on their knees near the end of the game. Come on, Coach L…

    And that UD game worries me. We stink on the road, and have definitely lost to the Hens in Newark before…I know we blew them out one game last year, and I bet Courtney would love payback…

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