Game On…

Wasn’t that the NHLs marketing ploy motivating tagline when it came back from its strike in the late 1990s? Anyway…

Georgia Mason at George State: This is a 3:00 tip, for those with ‘Net access and a college basketball problem. Will Thomas is neutralized, because the Panthers have enough big bodies. Folarin Campbell isn’t effective, because he isn’t really a point guard. But Mason has too much talent. This is one of those games where five guys score between 11 and 15 points and the Patriots cruise. If Mason shoots >45% it is a rout. Final score: Mason 72, State 62.

Hofstra at Old Dominion: Tom Pecora brilliantly harkens to the early 1970s and the famous MSG appearance of Willis Reed, saying Agreatio is going to perform the 2008 version of the story. The problem is that Hofstra is on the road, and he is probably the only person on the Hofstra bench that was alive when Reed saved the Knicks. Pecora knows he is in trouble when freshman Nat Lester asks “didn’t Reed perform on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve?” Final score: ODU 68, Hofstra 59.

VCU at JMU: I’d say this is a litmus test game for both VCU and JMU, but it isn’t. We could go the “how good is JMU” route and we could go the “VCU in a conference game on the road” route, but that isn’t the central theme. In my mind, this is a matchup of styles that doesn’t bode well for Dean Keener. VCU can be stopped by rugged defense and that isn’t JMUs forte. VCU shoots a lot of layups and wins this far more easily than many imagine, but it doesn’t mean JMU isn’t that good. They are. Final score: VCU 84, JMU 77.

Delaware at William & Mary: This game will be close throughout, as both defenses are better than their offenses. Call Schneider and Brian Johnson a draw, and then line up the teams. Seems to favor Delaware, who is also on a positive arc. For pure close-game entertainment, this is the best game of the night. Sam I Am MacMahon gets back into the double figures category and the Hens go to 2-0 in the CAA. Did I just write that? Final score: Delaware 60, William & Mary 57.

the dub at Drexel: I love fate, especially when it hands you perfection. The team that cannot score plays the team that cannot keep anyone from scoring. No jokes here, as they are too easy. I’ll take defense over offense. Plus, this is the game Frank Elegar re-establishes himself. I love Vladie Kools, but he cannot guard Elegar. Neither can anyone on the ub roster. Final score: Drexel 74, UNCW 69.

Nor’easter at Towson: It was very nice of Pat Kennedy to roll out the welcome mat for Bill Coen. Kennedy ordered up freezing cold temperatures to make Nor’easter feel more at home. And while that will allow Kennedy and Coen to spend a little extra quality time together in March, it also gives the Huskies the slim advantage they need to win this one. Cap’n Matt leads the way and Manny Adako shines. (Side note: it also looks like Coen is getting his rotation down. That’s good for them.) Nor’Easter 71, Towson 68.


~ by mglitos on January 2, 2008.

8 Responses to “Game On…”

  1. Sorry to post a comment…but what is the email?

  2. Mike your analytical skills are excellent, but your prognostications always put you out on a limb. You just like living dangerously?

  3. Jim, that’s awfully nice of you. I know “out on a limb” really means “stinks.” But I have fun. Happy new year!

  4. The JMU Dukes pull it out. GO KEENER!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yeah, they did, and it wasn’t even the biggest upset of the day. Get your tix now for the Mason v. Madison game in Fairfax, I’m assuming H-burg is already sold out? First time in a while those games may mean something. Everything is up in the air this year in the CAA…

  6. Side note on Patriots: Without Monroe, Mason can’t afford their young bigs (Vlad, Birdsong) to get in foul trouble, and they all need to hit from the perimeter. Will is the man, but he can’t do it all.

  7. Way to piss me off, Mason. Thanks. ARRGHHH.

    Glad to see the Dukes beat VCU…at least we’re both 1-1. Madison won’t last. But, hell…I could be wrong. Again.

  8. Don’t underestimate Madison. It might not be our year to win it all in the CAA, but we are going to be above .500 and in the top 4 of the conference.

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