The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly…Be Safe Edition

Seriously…don’t be an idiot tonight.


The Good

Last  night’s two-minute, over-easy performance, aside, it has been an ideal early season for Dean Keener and the JMU Dukes. Few would’ve had the guts to call 8-3 out of the gate and above anything statistical, players are performing and you can see the jell/gell of this team. It is a different JMU than recent years suggest. There could be no more intriguing January opener than hosting VCU. Okay, maybe hosting Mason, but you get the point.

Don’t bury Hofstra. The Pride dropped to 2-8 after losing to Marist the other night and of course have Agreatio on the DL, but there is reason to hope. Nat Lester and Charles Jenkins seem comfy taking on “the load” in AAs absence. Sure they are freshmen and will have ups and downs, but the desire is there. That is a key first step. Plus, Pitzie (Arminas Urbutis) is again showing signs of life on the blocks.

We get going, in earnest, on Wednesday.

The Bad

the ub’s defense, or more precisely the lack thereof. Unfortunately, I have no category for “nonexistent.” UNCG had too many point blank shots the other night, or undefended jumpers. The result was allowing 53% FG shooting to UNCG in a decisive first half.

ODU suffered through another clangfest in losing to UAB. The Monarchs went nine minutes without scoring, fell behind 20-2 and 27-4, and shot 28% in the first half. I have never, ever seen the performance of a team reduced strictly to field goal shooting like this one. Anything else is overanalysis. You look at what they do and see a high level of talent. They play hard and play typical Blaine Taylor suffocating defense. But when you see brick after brick hoisted from everywhere, it gets irritating.


The Ugly

Before today’s 71-50 shellacking of 3-9 Fairfield, the Tribe’s three wins this season were Montreat, North Florida, and Houston Baptist. And now it appears Panama Al Smith will redshirt.

Georgia State is headed in the wrong direction at the wrong time. The Panthers lost to Bethune Cookman last time out and are rewarded by opening the conference season with George Mason, Nor’easter, and VCU.


Good luck to Bruiser and the Dragons. Drexel takes on St. Joseph’s in about 40 minutes. That would be a nice one to end the half-season, calendar year. I’ll be popping Drink #1 ’round about tipoff but won’t leave the house tonight. Safe.

Again, don’t be an idiot.


~ by mglitos on December 31, 2007.

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