Previewing a Few Things…

Sneak peek at tomorrow’s GBU:

G: They’re Keenerrific in Harrisonburg; reason for hope at Hofstra.

B: Still no d in dub; no swish in Norfolk.

U: Saturday, December 29, 2007 (1-6 noncon).


Today, Mason hosts Liberty in a “Lineup Combination Testing” game. Also, Nor’easter travels to Syracuse to play the Orange. The karma note: I ate part of an orange after breakfast. One-and-one ain’t bad.

Almost forgot today’s swing game…the Fightin’ Keeners take on the College of Cremins in Charleston’s own tournament. Keep your eyes on this one tonight. It’s a front-porch swing.


The paperback version of Cinderella will hit shelves in mid-February. It will include an updated chapter that covers the events of last season. I haven’t seen a final edit on the content nor a final cover, but here is a first mock:

New Cover


~ by mglitos on December 30, 2007.

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