Agudio Hurt, Drexel Wins, And Other Items You Know…

By now you’ve heard the news. Antoine Agreatio, the country’s second leading scorer, has suffered what is being called a “high ankle sprain” and will miss time for Tom Pecora. Thanks to HIPAA laws, the prognosis is everywhere from a few days–this weekend’s Holiday Festival only–to three weeks. Some are even calling for the linger effect and that Agreatio may not be fully healthy until February 1.

I have no problem with the laws, and the point is that nobody really knows. With an injury like this, I don’t think Agreatio really knows. It’s a different injury and I’m not–let me repeat not–pretending I know something, but consider Darryl Monroe of George Mason. He went from missing a few practices to missing the first three weeks of the season to taking a red shirt.

You just don’t know, and that’s okay.

For Pecora, he has to be wondering who owns the voodoo doll. This has been a season of adjustments and this one poses the biggest impact. Pecora recently told Hoops Weiss of the NY Daily News that Hofstra is starting three freshmen and it is an adjustment.

“It’s a similar situation to the one we had when Antoine, Loren and Carlos first came in. They were young and they just had to play through it. We just hope this team can get rockin’ and rollin’ in the Garden and eventually become a team nobody wants to play in March.”

The interview came before Agreatio’s injury, which for Pecora has to be like spending a great deal of time and energy building the perfect sandwich only to realize you only have one slice of bread.

And phooey to those who say it is a blessing in disguise. Yes the freshmen get to play more but to call it a blessing is to give up on this season. Tom Pecora would never do that.

Hofstra plays Virginia Tech this evening at 6:30 at The Garden.


Drexel took down Rider last night 73-66 behind four players scoring double figures, none of which carry the name Frank Elegar. Tra Hawthorne dropped in 15 points, all in the second half on five three-pointers, to lead the way. We said it here a long time ago…Hawthorne is vitally important to the success of Drexel, which sounds funny.


I heard from an In the Know who confirmed for me that Vinny Lima is entering Nor’Easter as a freshman student and is therefore eligible to play on the basketball team. There is nothing odd or quirky about it.

Lima is 6’10” is skilled, and has a solid frame. (My take only: that means he isn’t a gawky kid who needs a pile of instruction to see three minutes per game.) At worst Lima becomes another piece of the Huskies puzzle, adding frontcourt depth and pushing the current players for floor time. At best, Lima steps out and hits the 12-foot jumper, adding another dynamic to a Nor’easter team that is better than you think.


I made it a personal thing to avoid discussing the Three Letter Caligula until at least January 2. I’ll honor that and not talk about the RPI until then. Therefore, my take on a second bid for the CAA will be a Jan. 2 item. Here’s a hint:


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