A Smidgen of Paranoia…

If I wasn’t smart enough to know I have zero impact on a college basketball game, I’d swear I’m a jinx. I’d believe that I single-handedly ruined Chad Tomko’s freshman season. Cost ODU a victory. And that was just this week. Last night, only hours after I praised William & Mary’s ability to take care of the basketball and gave David Schneider credit for being a very good shooter, the following occurred:

The Tribe committed 32 turnovers. Schneider’s marksmanship was 4-11 (3-9 from the arc).

And yes, I botched Alex Smith yesterday. He didn’t play. Neither did Alex Jones. Another bad error and a mea culpa.


And speaking of odd…last night Duke played Pitt in a much-hyped early season game. Interestingly, VCU beat Duke and then lost to Pitt in last year’s NCAA tourney. (I did not hear if Jay Bilas pointed this factoid out during the broadcast. We were wrapping presents.)

The odd thing: with time running out, Pitt’s point guard–the same guy that turned the ball over repeatedly in VCUs comeback last year–step-faked, cross-over dribbled, stepped back, and buried a three with little time on the clock. Duke managed only a desperation heave at the buzzer that clanged away. You would have to be brain-dead not to pick up on the eerie similarities between this ending as last year’s Duke/VCU game.

I think the only thing we were missing was the McClure Zombie Face when the opposition’s shot fell.


After some shopping, we’ll add to the convo. ODU has Winthrop and GMU has Fla International; and I’ve been immersed in Basketball State.


~ by mglitos on December 21, 2007.

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