History Repeats Itself, and So Does the Present…

I’m very confused today. Both Delaware and Old Dominion have me out of sorts. Plus, with the work schedule winding down, there’s lots I can finally get to address.

You see, I had determined that predictions would no longer be made with the heart, but figured one last gasp for Monte Ross couldn’t hurt. So now that the Hens in fact won the game, I’m reconsidering intuition. And friggin ODU. Just when I think history won’t repeat itself, the Monarchs do just that. ODU walked into the tomb that is the Robins Center and were beaten by Richmond. Wrong (again and again). This is going to require some thought.

Behind 54% shooting and five different players making three field goals each, the Hens went to Burlington and defeated Vermont 71-60. Delaware committed 28 turnovers, including a Folarin Campbell-like 10 from Marc Egerson. (Data point: Nor’easter committed six as a team last night, but we’ll get to that later.)

I’m really starting to dig some of the developing statistical measures…Gasaway and Pomeroy’s tempo-free stats being at the top of that list. We’ll get into more of that over Christmas and into the conference season, but Delaware only took nine more shots than turnovers committed (YouDee was 20-37 from the field). Seems to be a wow stat to me.

For its part, Old Dominion suffered a letdown game in Richmond. Two seasons ago, ODU blitzed DePaul by about 436 points and then came to Richmond and lost to the Spiders. This year, it was the great victory over Vatek that preceded the letdown. Also, ODU has now lost six in a row to (the university of) Richmond and nine in a row to VCU in (the city of) Richmond in the regular season. More thought needed.

So anyway…

Perhaps the most important stat from Nor’Easter’s six turnovers is that point guard Chase Allen committed only one in 36 minutes of action. Also for the clip ‘n save file: Manny Adako (19 points) and Eugene Spates (12 points and three treys in 18 minutes) finally had breakout games. Those two are very important to the success of the Huskies.


I’m not sure where to start with the dub, who have now lost any capitalization. A road loss is excusable, but the manner in which it occurred is bothersome. Everyone is aware the Seahawks haven’t exactly guarded much this year. So allowing Coastal Carolina to fire away at a 55 percent clip in the first half last night wasn’t news. But to give up 59% accuracy in the second half? And force only 10 turnovers?

Side note: Dom Lacy started and posted a Gretzky.

By the way, uncw lost 90-86. That brings up another wonderful reason for tempo free stats. If given the choice on which team will win a random game, I’ll take Drexel scoring 65 points over uncw scoring 85 points. Pure “average per game” tells you little.


Towson lost in overtime to Lafayette, 79-69 despite all efforts of CAA: LAMM CAA POY Jon Pease (16 points on 7-8 shooting and nine rebounds). The difference is likely that Lafayette hit 3-4 from long distance in the extra session and the Tigers made 2-9 from any distance.

Side note: it looks like Tommy Breaux and his injured foot may redshirt. (Not that Kennedy could redshirt only his foot…)


~ by mglitos on December 20, 2007.

One Response to “History Repeats Itself, and So Does the Present…”

  1. Those are the kinds of losses that make you want to yell at someone who probably doesn’t deserve it…. C’mon, Coastal?!?

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