Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful…

Blow up everything you thought you knew about the CAA race–which, based on the Sybil-like performances of most teams so far means you knew nothing anyway–because the impact transfers are now eligible. Delaware gets Marc Egerson and Jim Ledsome. Talent aside, Monte Ross gets to play more than six players. This gives the Hens what Ross has wanted since day one: rest for Herb Courtney and Brian Johnson. PK gets Josh Thornton and his offensive prowess on 12/19 as well.

These additions, and Stephen Kendall at JMU, will help formerly beatable teams compete when the conference season kicks in. Merry Christmas. The race just got tighter.


Speaking of the tight race, here’s today’s clip-and-save. The two most-discussed teams heading into the season were The dub and James Madison. Improved, yes. By how much, no clue.

Marker: Both have acquitted themselves well during the nonconference season; however, don’t let their 1-0 conference records go unnoticed. Both teams won on the road–JMU at Nor’easter and UNCW at Hofstra–in difficult environments against good basketball teams.

And you thought last year was exciting.


Cap’n Matt is indeed a lead dog. In Nor’Easter’s three toughest games, on teevee, Janning has averaged 29.7 points. UConn, Maryland, and Go Tell Aunt Rhody got the message.


I still don’t know what to make of Hofstra. The Pride fell behind Stony Brook by 22 points in the second half before a Charles Jenkins three caromed off the back iron at the buzzer. A swish and we go to overtime. This is on the heels of Hofstra trailing Fordham by 21 before losing by only two.

Last night the Pride turned the ball over 15 times in the first half and shot 20 percent. In the second half Hofstra turned the ball over three times and shot 53%. First half output: 17 points. Second half output: 57 points.


Pecora started, really, four freshmen alongside AA last night. Greg Washington, Charles Jenkins, and Nat Lester are true freshmen, and Dane Johnson a junior in his first CAA season after transferring. Most minutes off the bench? Freshman Darren Townes.

Now it’s making more sense.


~ by mglitos on December 13, 2007.

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