The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…You Figure It Out Edition

I don’t know what to make of Towson. PK admits the Tigers are challenged offensively. Then, CC Williams seemingly scores as many points (20) in the Niagara win than he had scored in all the Tigers’ games leading up to that one. And Jon “POY” Pease gets it done again, with 11 points, seven rebounds, four steals, and five fouls in 30 minutes.

Oh, yeah, and Junior Hairston with 13 points and 21 rebounds. That would be his second 20-plus rebound game this year. Thomas, Maynor, Agudio, and Hairston? I chuckle at that list.

It’s exam week, which in Baltimore means two words: Josh Thornton. In Newark (DE) there are three words: Egerson, Ledsome, and football. In Newark (NJ), there are five words: Your flight has been delayed.

Bridging the first half and the second half, one score Saturday night was Eric Maynor 14, the University of Richmond 1. At one point (after a Maynor three in transition) Spiders coach Chris Mooney had a wry smile on his face.

Winston Salem State?

A Jim Larranaga defense forcing only five turnovers? When was the last time that happened? In the first half of its 73-55 loss to Kent, George Mason shot 67% from the field, made all three bonus shots, and made 5-7 free throws. And trailed 38-32.

The dub still has not earned capital letters (see: Mull and three point field goal defense note) but I may change an under the radar choice. I remain a huge Dominique Lacy fan and still think he will be consistently scoring double figures by mid-February, but has anyone bothered to notice Chad Tomko? The guy reminds me of Matt Janning (before the doughnuts and Red Bull) and dished seven assists and had zero turonvers in 33 MPs in The dub’s 80-68 win over Coastal Carolina. That’s 26A and 16TO in 28MP.

Yes, I saw what TJ Carter did. Stop writing that email.

The Drexel Dragons. They haven’t scored more than 48 points in any of their three straight losses. What’s worse, the Dragons haven’t scored more than 58 points since hanging 77 on Florida Gulf Coast 11/14. Think about that for a moment.

Winston Salem State?

In Drexel’s brutal loss to Toledo, Tra Hawthorne bageled seven three-point attempts, and if your name wasn’t spelled “Frank Elegar” you were part of a 12-41 outing from the floor.

Danny Sumner continuing to get minutes and perform. Another 12 and 6 in a blowout against NoFla.


~ by mglitos on December 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…You Figure It Out Edition”

  1. Eric Maynor is up to his old tricks. What else does he have to do to get some props from you?
    Also thanks for turning me on to Kyle Whelliston’s Mid Majority. Great stuff.

  2. Thanks for the Mason tidbit. Rough weekend for the conference.

    I had a real hard time understanding the GMU/Kent State box score. Usually, I can reconstruct the game somewhat accurately, but to no avail on this one.

    I expected a really tough game because both teams pretty much brought back the same squads from last year (5 returning starters each) and to say we had matchup problems in last season’s game is kind.

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