Opportunity Thursday, on ESPN…

How great would that series play out? All mids want to do is whine that they can’t get great games. Can’t get on teevee. Fine, let’s take a Thursday night when the uncultured, less intelligent Americans are watching the World’s Most Overmanaged, Overhyped League–aka the NFL–and give Bradley a shot at Memphis. St. Mary’s gets the Uclans. UNCW gets Duke.

Oh, that’s right.

But we do have:

Nor’Easter at UConn: I lived in Connecticut for awhile. I know their, uh, love for college basketball. They don’t deserve a great college hoops team, and neither does Jim Calhoun. I think Cap’n Matt and the Unmenitonables will play very well tonight, and the Connecticut version of the Huskies are due a down game. That doesn’t spell victory, but it does give everyone a shot in the arm. Connecticut’s beef is too much, but Nor’Easter has equal atheltes and guard play. It will be close, and low scoring. Conn 68, Nor’Easter 62.

Towson at Temple: I can’t say I know anything about Temple. And I thought I knew a lot about Towson until their egg the other night. Junior Hairston gets himself a 14-12, Rocky Coleman has a rare, golfer-hating stat line of the quadruple snowman–eight points, eight rebounds, eight assists, and eight charges taken. But it’s not enough. Tim Crossin eats a bagel and conference player of the year Jon Pease doesn’t get enough minutes, which should be “All of them.” Temple 62, Towson 60.


~ by mglitos on December 6, 2007.

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