I’m Not Above Begging…

I’m desperate enough to swallow some Barbicide–that blue stuff at the barbershop–to get rid of this cold. It’s lingering longer than a sales guy at a Christmas party. Any suggestions you have are welcomed.

Longwood at James Madison: With his team up by 18 but playing uninspired basketball, Dean Keener pleads with referee Curtis Blair to call a technical foul on him. Blair refuses, citing the ethics involved in not reusing a movie scene to illustrate a point. The Dukes move to within one victory of its entire 2006-07 season. Merry Christmas. JMU 86, Longwood 71.

Hofstra at Fordham: New point guard for Hofstra, as well as minutes distribution. Last season regulars Ziggy Sestokas and MD Sabb are at less than 12 MP. Freshmen Jenkins and Lester will start and get the confidence boost they need. Pride Goeth with The Fall 72, Francis Fordham Coppola 67.

Hampton at George Mason: You can bet your mortgage that the Pirates watched the Mason/East Carolina game and uttered some version of “Crap, we were supposed to be the overlooked noncon opponent.” This will be ugly, but in the Drexel/Mason ugly, not the VCU/Hampton ugly. Fire-Spitting Larranagas 134, Hampton 5.

William & Mary at VCU: Earnest evaluation–VCU had better get out on the W&M shooters or this will be FAR closer than anyone expects. But if you’re pinning your hopes on a phone bill (or on guys hitting 20-footers) you are truly hoping beyond hope. VCU 71, Tribe 62.

Albany at Delaware: I must give comment guy his due–“can’t wait for Albany” has never been written before. Not even in the non-sporting realm. Good for Monte Ross, though. I really like that guy (in the sporting realm). Albany no longer has Jamar Whatshisname and will lose. I’m feeling Hentastic! Still three days from football 75, Still 300 miles from warmth 62.

The Ub at Missouri State: I can envision tomorrow’s nervous-nellies now–“I knew our record was too good to be true. We finally played someone and lost.” They will forget The Ub traversed halfway across the country for the second time this holiday season to play a good basketball team. Let it go. The Ub is pulling it together and this is a speedbump. Still need to play some D–missing a critical stop will end hopes of a big road win. SWMoState 83, The Ub 79.

Ga Tech at Ga State: I don’t know what Ga Tech has, because they play in a major conference. Has Travis Best graduated yet? John Salley and Yvon Joseph are a handful down low for Billingslea and Dickerson. (Note to younger readers–those are all Ga Tech stars from past years.) This is a grip-the-chair game, where you hope the Panthers can keep it close. Jackets 75, Hope 68 (OR) Jackets 75, Think 56.


~ by mglitos on December 5, 2007.

6 Responses to “I’m Not Above Begging…”

  1. Believe it or not, this isn’t just the alcoholic in me talking, but:

    The W will win tonight, and take a shot of good GOOD clean vodka right after you wake up to help the cold out. No joke. To either of those thoughts.

    … and if that doesn’t work, pound it with Claritin-D.

  2. no love for the ub? granted we still dont have the whole defense thing down, but we will win tonight. garunfrickintee it

  3. I went the alcohol-heavy egg nog route, and there is some grappa in the freezer. I’m thinking Aruba has the answer. And I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the boys win tonight. They just need to stop somebody.

  4. Actually, if you snort the grappa, you’ll be breathing easy in a couple of hours.

  5. JMU will beat Longwood – Book it.

    P.S. Normally this would be a laugher, but JMU did lose last season to them.

  6. Dammit, Southwest Missouri State!

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