Two Games TwoNight

Warning: not sure about tomorrow’s availability. Looonng trip to take.

Towson at Delaware: Kyle does a better job of previewing the matchup than I ever could. I agree that I Am Sam McMahon is a tough player, but sadly, watching McMahon fly around the court is kind of like watching a Jim Carrey skit from the “In Living Color” days. PK is bringing back the days of (Mack) McCarthyism to Towson, and this is exactly the kind of game that kind of roster blend wins. Towson wins on the road 68-64.

Nor’Easter at New Hampshire: This is a classic trap game if ever. The Huskies will be looking ahead to their matchup with Calhoun and UConn. Okay maybe not. But it sounds good, huh? New Hampshire was drilled by Rhody two days ago and played Boston College tough to open the season. The skiing is good in New Hampshire, but the hoops is not. Cap’n Matt and the Unmentionables 76, Loon Mountain 65.


Lots of CAA info in The Mid Majority’s latest Boubacar. The top features the “crazy CAA,” and the bottom tells you what you need to know about Maryland fans, and about that Glitter song and its meaning to VCU students.

(Side note: sign up for Basketball State. Give it as a gift. Seriously. It has one thing going for it that few things in this world have: it’s worth the money, and then some.)


It seemed small and pompous and silly, but I loved it. Could’ve been drug induced, but no matter. I’m taking up the challenge and I’m going to stick to it. I was hazily watching a game over the weekend–maybe Butler demolishing Ohio State–and Larry Conley was doing color. At some point he posited that his colleagues in the media needed to stop referring to “BCS conferences” when talking about those conferences in relation to basketball. His view: there is no BCS in hoops; that is a football-only moniker.

Conley is right. For all the grist of the BCS, it has no place in college basketball. We’re done with that here. I don’t know how to refer to the ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, SEC, and Pac 10. But it won’t be BCS.

Small, yet important distinction.


~ by mglitos on December 3, 2007.

One Response to “Two Games TwoNight”

  1. Delaware played a great game tonight. They were up by 20 at one point. It was nice to see them finally look like a team… Play was much smoother this evening and is only going to get better in the coming weeks. I can’t wait for Albany later this week.

    Thanks for keepin’ up with the CAA

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