The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…Questions Edition

The Good

Team of the Week: James Madison. The Dukes won both games, on the road. That’s as many road games as they won on the road ALL of last year. Eastern Kentucky is one thing, but to head to Mathews and gut out a win over Nor’Easter is something else. Congrats to Dean Keener.

Mason’s performance versus Drexel. No detail needed in 85-38.

Blaine Taylor has 10 players averaging 12 or more minutes.

TJ Carter’s eight assists and zero turnovers in The Ub’s OT win over Hofstra. Agudio with 34 for the Pride.

ODUs Brian Henderson breaking out of a season-long slump and dropping 19 on Georgia State. He’s a good kid and it’s good to see him get going.

Larranaga sitting a disinterested Folarin Campbell for the second half of Mason’s loss to East Carolina.

The Bad

Larranaga putting Campbell in the game with five seconds to play and the Patriots in dire straits. A lesson is a lesson, no matter the score. Norman Dale would’ve gone with four.

VCU losing to Hampton. Not good at all.

Even with the hometown scorer, Hofstra dished SIX assists and committed 15 turnovers in that loss to The Ub. Greg Johnson with 10 MPs. You can see Pecora playing with combinations.

Cap’n Matt only taking seven shots in the Huskies’ loss to JMU. Janning needs a little more Kelly Leak in him.

The Ugly

Drexel’s week: After Mason the Dragons were thumped 72-48 by Creighton. Two good teams, but that just isn’t competitive.

Delaware drops a game to previously winless Iona.

It will probably average out to about 65%, but free throws and Will Thomas are an interesting mix. Thomas hit about 15 of 16 prior to yesterday’s woeful 2-9 from the line.

Georgia State, by my calculations, has 57 assists and 123 turnovers. Ouch.


~ by mglitos on December 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…Questions Edition”

  1. I don’t know what’s up with Campbell, as soon as Mason wins a few games they start getting a lot of press, maybe it got in his head. I won’t fault Thomas for the ft’s, he’s won more games than I can count.

    One thing you can say Maynor sure responded to the limelight, at least in the second half. Good job VCU.

    The CAA is going to be competitive, and when they come to play they can beat a lot of good teams. Let’s just hope they haven’t messed up their collective resumes so bad they won’t get a chance.

    Thanks for the reasoned and balanced analysis.

  2. I totally agree with your comment about Larranaga putting Campbell back in. It seemed pointless, after sitting him the entire 2nd half. I’m curious to see how things will go with him tomorrow night.

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