What Can I Say But: “Oh Wow.”

Never could’ve seen that coming. Not in one million and 50 years. To say George Mason took Drexel behind the woodshed would be like saying VCU and Towson laid eggs last night.

The final score, 85-38, stands on its own merit. Any analysis of this game is like like talking about yesterday’s weather. The sun came up, it was chilly, a little wind, and then the sun went down and it got colder. So what…let’s talk about tomorrow’s weather.

And that’s what we’re going to do.

You can bet Bruiser won’t go all Bobby Knight on his team. A remarkable combination of events convened to produce the lopsided game and he knows that. Yelling is useless. He will likely pick out about 10-15 plays that show the differences in these two teams and talk to the Dragons about execution, fighting through adversity, and togetherness. The result of this game is about something bigger than attacking a zone defense.

He won’t discuss how Drexel found themselves down 29-9 and then 40-15 at the half. He will focus on how it got worse from there. The lesson: tomorrow. We said in the preseason that Drexel will be a much better team in February because they had to mix in freshmen guards. This is the sign.

As for Mason, all I can muster is: machine. We wrote the other day that they look very-good-team-good, or something like that. Wow. The Patriots have all the parts and they are working together stunningly well right now.

I look at their schedule–because as fans we have the luxury of looking ahead–and I cannot see George Mason being threatened until they visit Pecora and Hofstra on January 16. They’d be 15-1 heading into that contest on The Island.


Ridiculously impressive.


It ain’t fun-and-games in Richmond right now. VCU got the wake up call of all wake up calls last night in losing 64-55 to Hampton. Sure, everyone talked about getting that phone call in Puerto Rico:

VCU: “Hello?”

College Hoops Karma: “You’re not that good.”

VCU: “Got it. You’re right. We took Miami and Arkansas for granted.”

College Hoops Karma nods, knowing the hubris in that statement.

The Hampton loss will open eyes. You can equivocate a loss to a BCS team, but there is no hiding from losing to a MEAC team, even the team picked to win the conference.

Here’s the thing about that one. Everyone is going off the deep end, shouting for a shooter to emerge to for VCU. Hampton went zone almost exclusively. That excuse is too easy, as is a 35-1 free throw disparity the first 37 minutes of the game.

No, the problem is what Anthony Grant talks about in every single presser: value the basketball. VCU committed 21 turnovers last night and forced just 14. On the season the Rams turnover differential: 88 committed, 99 forced. Last season VCU was top 10 nationally in that category, and this year that number is average, at best.

Always lost in “94 feet both ways” is how important your 47 feet are to the process.


Finally, I have to admit zero knowledge of how Towson lost to Navy last night. It was a focus issue: the conference opener on teevee, VCU on the radio, and a game of Sorry! with my daughter took precedence.

I figured this was a easy one on which to turn my back. I was wrong. I actually thought ESPN had made a mistake when the score crawled across teh bottom of the screen. Again, I was wrong.



Weekend previews later today.


~ by mglitos on November 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “What Can I Say But: “Oh Wow.””

  1. Holy crap – my son LOVES that game, Sorry! He’s pretty good at it for a five-year-old, too. Scrabble, not so much.

  2. You hit the nail on the head, MGL. Despite winning 2 of 3 in Orlando, I thought they played down to the level of the competition. Dre Smith was sleepwalking until the Villanova game and Louis Birdsong until the game against the Devan Downeys. Having those two on-point (as well as the emergence of Cam Long) makes Mason fans forget about not having Monroe until late Dec/early Jan.

    I just hope Mason’s players stay grounded [and healthy] and know that they’re supposed to throttle lesser opponents (who lost 3 starters, no less) at home.

    On VCU, they weren’t exactly amazing in November last year either. Hampton’s a good squad and probably their best since the one that upset pre-scandalous Iowa State. Anyhow, it’s really hard to replace Pellet-Rosa’s intangibles. He was VCU’s Shane Falco.

  3. You sure ’bout this one?

    – I look at their schedule–because as fans we have the luxury of looking ahead–and I cannot see George Mason being threatened until they visit Pecora and Hofstra on January 16. They’d be 15-1 heading into that contest on The Island.

    That K-State team has been looking pretty good too (Kent not Kansas), and it’s at their place.

    Notice you didn’t post a final score on the Sorry game. I checked the box score, and think I know why. Ya gotta practice that rolling in the off-season. Can’t expect to win those close ones if you can’t roll a six during crunch time.

  4. So I know the fools on the boards are being cautious about the strength of the Mason squad this year… but I don’t know. They seem like they are going to just plain dominate this year (barring injuries). Granted I haven’t SEEN any games, but they look downright impressive so far on paper. Is it on paper only, or are they going to abuse the rest of the Association?

  5. […] conference, they’re No. 2 in the Atlantic 11 — ahead of UVA and Maryland — and CAA authority Michael Litos sees them starting 15-1. That would turn some heads, but I’ll leave the predictions to others as I’m tired of […]

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