Three Games, Third Post…

Towson heads to one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever visited, Annapolis. I would move there, if not for the standard of living–a 2 BR house costs in the neighborhood of Larranaga’s salary. Not that that has anything to do with basketball.

PKs boys will complete the back end of its holiday Whole Lotta by drilling Navy. Your job is to look for maturation: Rodney Spruill set a career-high and led the Tigers in scoring last time out. POY Hairston, until someone proves me wrong, continues to improve. Oh, and we’re about three weeks from Thornton. Just file that away as Towson rolls 71-57.

VCU travels down I-64 to Hampton and will likely carry more fans than will show for Hampton. It’s a roadie on the books but neutral–at best–in the arena. And that’s where the game is played. VCU wins convincingly is what honestly will be a very, very ugly basketball game. Rams 65, Pirates 53.

One final game…hang on, I have to look it up…I’ve forgotten who is playing…ah, here it is.

Drexel to the Pat Dome for a gamer against the Fightin’ Larranagas. What a great way to open the season. This will be an all-out battle. Elegar v. Thomas. Nuf ced McGreevey. We don’t need hyperbole, it would cheapen this game.

If this game were played in February, the result may be different. But late November is a smidge early for Gerald Colds and Jamie Harris. Figure Elegar and Thomas cancel, that leaves two freshmen against Campbell and Carter. That’s two Final Fours against 12 total games. Egad.

If John Vaughan gets hot it will be a 10-plus point victory. He won’t, and we’re all treated to a defensive struggle. Final: George Mason 61, Drexel 56.

(Side note: Will Thomas vs. Elegar at the foul line is an interesting subplot. File away the number of attempts and successes.)


~ by mglitos on November 29, 2007.

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