An Interlude…

Two things jumped out at me as I prepared to move on to paying work. I was checking out Radford and Mull, because those guys see ODU and UNCW every day and carry valuable insight nobody else can give you. And since those two teams are likely the most interesting, I’m paying closer attention.

Here’s what I’ve got (or more accurately, they’ve got):

Brian points out that UNCW is playing noticeably worse in the second half of games, and they are clearly a team in need of identity. That can happen when players get comfy with a new coach and system and then you plop several talented freshmen (Lacy, Tomko) and an All CAA senior performer (Carter) on top of them.

You get into tight situations and wonder who is going to do what, and when.


They are jumping off the Bay Bridge in Norfolk after a not-as-close-loss-as-anyone-wants-to-admit to Georgetown last night. Some “fans” are disgusted with the seniors and calling for their benching in favor of freshmen and sophomores. They are hysterically questioning the best coach the program has ever had–you know, the guy that coached them to an at large bid last season.

Rich correctly points out that “One thing you should realize: A lot of the successes of the freshmen came against the opposition’s bench. A lot of the frustrations of the seniors came against the opposition’s starters. Not to say that ODU’s bench right now isn’t outplaying the first line.”

Click through to the post because there are some great Taylor quotes as well.

I like Frank Hassell as much as the next guy but he’s not ready to get clubbed by Hibbert after facing Hanbrough and Company in Vegas. This isn’t to say that the youngsters won’t be rolling up the minutes and victories in early January. You just can’t throw them to the wolves.

Copycatting, or smart? Anthony Grant did the same thing with his talented freshmen in Puerto Rico.


~ by mglitos on November 29, 2007.

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