Two Full Days…And Entries…

First, let me just say that a bad cold is the world’s worst malady. I’ll take a broken leg, the flu, or even malaria before I choose a head cold.

You see, many health issues knock you down. You feel awful, but it is in-bed awful. A cold? Not so much. No, you feel horrible, but you still feel good enough to do some things. There is the guilt of laying around useless when you know there are things that can be accomplished–especially when it involves sitting in a chair typing on a computer.

So you make the effort–because you can–and feel worse. It’s a terrible, terrible existence and a hell I’m in the middle of right now. I’d rather be out cold. Or better yet healthy.

But anyway…


Tonight’s heavyweight fight is an Ali/Frazier-esque rematch. Hoya Paranoia is in full swing as JT3 brings Georgetown to The Ted to face ODU. You may remember last season, when ODU went to some junior high gym in DeeCee and knocked off the seventh-ranked team in the country.

Most everyone will be talking the near 15 feet worth of centers battle of Hibbert vs. Harris. But I want to see Jessie Sapp and Brandon Johnson sqaure off. It will be a battle of strong, aggressive guards. And look for a donnybrook between DaJuan Summers and Gerald Lee.

Blaine Taylor is the better coach and the Ted will be off the hook, but Georgetown is the better team. This one will be close from minute 1 to minute 40, possibly 45. Hoyas prevail 61-59.


Other games…next entry.


~ by mglitos on November 28, 2007.

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