Leave It To Poor Bill…

Schedules himself a bit of a break–respective to the rest of the Huskies’ noncon slate–and travels a short distance to face Rhode Island of the A10. All he gets is a 6-1 team whose only loss was at Boston College by four on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

The Rams are no slouch 6-1 either (“Don’t sell yourself short. You’re a tremendous slouch.”). They’ve beaten South Florida and UAB.

This would be a nice-to-have win for Nor’Easter and the CAA. Vegas agrees, slotting Rhody as double-digit favorites. Honestly, I like Cap’n Matt and the Unmentionables. Huskies win 74-70.

The Tribe will play about three miles from my house this evening, and I won’t be there. (The whole cold thing.) It is an amazingly circular game, proving, perhaps, that the entire world revolves around the Richmond/Williamsburg corridor. Try to stay with me on this:

Former Richmond (the university of) player Monty Sanders transferred to Elon, who visited Richmond (the city) last week to play VCU. Also last week, Drexel traveled to Charlottesville to play UVa, who has former W&M guard Calvin Baker coming off the bench. William & Mary is in Richmond (the city) tonight to play Richmond (the university of). The first Thansksgiving was held in Williamsburg. Surely they needed a Baker for the meal. And a Butler, as in Richmond (the university of) guard Ryan Butler, who hails from Richmond (the city).

While I reconsider dosage amounts, I’ll call Tribe 61, Spiders 58.

Georgia State hosts Jacksonville, a 2-1 team that is unimpressive. Plus, Artis Gilmore is in his 60s and Dee Brown in his 40s. Panthers roll 84-71.

The Ub (sorry, no D there yet) hosts a Toledo team that is, well, not good. They’ve beaten Missouri State, but that is the outlyer. Old Dominion made them look pitiful, and there’s nothing like a trip to the east coast in between Thanksgiving and exams. The Ub wins easily 81-71.

James Madison, with Richmond (the university of) transfer Steven Kendall, heads to Richmond, KY–you doubted me, didn’t you?–to play Eastern Kentucky, who was once coached by ex-VCU head coach Mike Pollio. EKU hasn’t won yet and will not tonight. JMU 85, EKU 76.


~ by mglitos on November 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “Leave It To Poor Bill…”

  1. hope that you’re correct about the tribe, who’ve given their fans reason to be concerned after a laudable performance at georgetown. always nice to remind richmond how good a decision they made to leave the caa.

  2. You got me with “tremendous slouch”. I hadn’t thought of that line in years.

  3. well, you got the ‘spiders – 58’ part right. sigh.

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