Tonight, A Coupla Primers…

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been stuck analyzing weather patterns and phases of the moon and even consulting some parapsychology journals. I’ve been trying to explain Will Thomas going 14-17 from the free throw line in Orlando and I cannot figure it out. Some things, I guess, must remain a mystery.


Tonight’s agenda features a must-win (in the spirit of “can’t lose”) and a nice win.

The can’t lose moment is brought to you by Junior Hairston and the Towson Tigers. They host North Carolina Central. The Tigers have posted the Ye Olde Splitteroo so far. Towson is 2-2, 1-1 at home and on the road. Their record is about as expected.

This is a get-em-going game. NC Central is 1-6 but has played an aggressive schedule. The telling part, though, is that NCC has lost games by 65 points, 25 points, 54 points, 53 points, and 48 points. PKs boys have got to win this one by a Whole Lotta.

It would be nice to see Monte Ross and Delaware knock off Hampton. The Pirates are beginning a three-game swing through the CAA (with VCU and Mason up next) and will be a test. Hampton has a kid Rashad West who could easily play and start for any CAA team. Plus, they feature a couple big men that were named to the MEAC all freshman team last year.

Won’t be easy but I’ll take the homestanding Hens in a nailbiter.


Irrelevant side note: Missouri versus West Virginia for the national title in college football? The BCS must be proud. Pardon me while I laugh so hard milk shoots out my nose.


~ by mglitos on November 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Tonight, A Coupla Primers…”

  1. You gotta look deeper MGL – in his last four games (Orlando & Dayton) Big Willie is 22-25 from the stripe. In his last five games…..we’ll he’s been really good in his last four.

  2. Wow. Impressive. It makes me nervous to contemplate calling anyone Big Willie, but it appears Thomas has figured something out. Either that or I’m going to need to re-read The Revelations to see if this is a sign…

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