The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…A Holiday Edition

If a slow-cooked turkey and everything that goes with it is so good we eat the same meal for five days, how come Thanksgiving is the only time we do this?


The closest I can get to an acceptable answer was provided by a friend, who told me “you live in 2007, not 1925. And in Virginia, not Iowa. Nobody cooks that way anymore.” 





Depth (in the way we define it): Mason looked awfully good in the Old Spice Classic. Wins over K-State and SoCa are nice. As for SoCa, with Folarin Campbell and Jordan Carter providing zippo, it was Cam Long and Louis Birdsong. Oh, and some guy named Will Thomas.


Lennie Mendez going for 29 points in 25 minutes in GaState’s victory over Troy.


Drexel’s first 25 minutes against Virginia. Anything Frank Elegar.


Somebody please notice JMUs Terence Carter. Kid deserves more mention.


Domonique Lacy for The Dub. What’s the over/under on when he starts and plays more than 20 minutes? Don’t blink. (Side note: might have something to do with defense, even though the kid brings down rebounds by the bushel.)


The games the CAA is playing. I’m too lazy to list them all, but consider the schedules of Mason, ODU, VCU, and Nor’Easter. Toss in an Indiana here and a Florida State there and the conference is getting games. God bless non-exempt tournaments. File away, because I will for later discussion: could the scheduling conundrum be winnowing away?



Shooting woes: Drexel (sans Elegar) and Old Dominion (sans Lee) staged brickapaloozas over the weekend.


Defense at The Dub


The Tribe could use a dose of Alex Smith right now. He has got to get back into that lineup.



Last Wednesday: JMU and Hofstra lose to VMI and St. Francis. Honest. And Antoine Agudio with some sort of (left) hand injury.


Midnight tipoffs. Yes, I watched every minute of the ODU/Carolina game. In a related note, Starbucks stock should see a sharp increase.




A major note of appreciation: Michael Beasley, Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson.


~ by mglitos on November 26, 2007.

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