And A Few Early Impressions…

It’s becoming important because conference play begins on Thursday with Drexel at Mason. Really.

Mason looks good. I mean really good. As in good team good. Dre Smith and Folarin Campbell aren’t playing well and we haven’t even seen Darryl Monroe yet. Jordan Carter is playing out of his mind, and Will Thomas still doesn’t have a 15-foot jumper and it still doesn’t matter.

For its wins and losses–they’ve done exactly as expected–Old Dominion is also a contender. Brandon Johnson learned how to shoot this summer, and Gerald Lee will be very good if he can remain aggressive in the face of stiff competition.

VCU and Drexel are similar in that you can see the pieces of very good basketball teams. They need freshmen to contribute and second-scorers to emerge.

JMU has flipped the paradigm: they have shown flashes of ineptitude (VMI) amidst a handful of very good games. In years past it has been the other way around.

The jury is out on Towson and Nor’Easter (though signs look good for Cap’n Matt and Junior Hairston), as well as UNCW and the Tribe (signs not so good…no D in the Dub and mixing issues at WM).

Georgia State and Delaware are Georgia State and Delaware.

Hofstra is in obvious adjustment mode and searching for its identity–you don’t lose the conference POY and four-year point guard and transition smoothly. Pecora is good enough to get them going in the right direction.

Maybe more depth later. Time for lunch. A turkey sandwich.


~ by mglitos on November 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “And A Few Early Impressions…”

  1. How much time do you think Jordan Carter spent entirely on dribbling this summer? My guess is at least one month. In the K St game, he had moves I’d never seen from him last year.

    Is there any word on why Carter sat at the end of the bench and played sparingly in the SoCar game? My uneducated guess is that Cam Long, who played great, is more athletic, was a better fit given the matchup and had the hot hand.

    Really good coaching from Larranaga this past weekend. I hate those 5-minute lapses that we tend to come across though. 8 for 17 from the line is another convo for another day.

  2. Hey, in all fairness to Will. He did step out and take a jumper and made it look easy against South Carolina. He also threw up a prayer and made his first collegiate three. And by threw up, he might as well have kissed the ball before wishing that ball off.

  3. It’s soooo early that I don’t want to get my hopes up too soon. But, this Mason team seems so loaded. We’ll see if they’re ready for CAA play come Thursday. As for Carter vs. Long…ain’t it nice to have two options at the point? If only Campbell could be the player that I think he could be…consistent and dominating. At least Will is Will – what a player. Can’t they just give him POY NOW?

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