All Hail the Turkey, Which is a Good Thing…

The last post of Wednesday was going to be a doozie, complete with a Thanksgiving tie-in and everything. The plan was to outline the CAA season so far, as if it were a Thanksgiving Dinner. For example:

George Mason was the turkey–not the bad kind, but rather the centerpiece of the meal. The Patriots’ kinda-big win over Dayton and undefeated record had, to date, been the shining example.

VCU was the cranberries–some like them, some hated them (their play so far) and everybody has story. In the end, they are always there.

ODU was the mashed potatoes–darn good, darn filling, but without some garlic or butter they are missing something so far but not sure what it is.

Georgia State was Auntie Luann’s spinach and corn pudding. Horrible, but somebody has to eat it to be polite.

JMU was the candied yams. Bad in the past, but you’ll try them again this year. You do this every year. Hey, not so bad. Maybe we’ll give them another chance.

But leaves, cleaning the house, running errands, etc. got in the way. Then, Hofstra and JMU both put up stinkeroos. And there was the whole Mason-redefining-the-early-season opportunity.

So I just ate and drank.


As for today, I must praise the Fightin’ Larranagas for making every play they needed. Every time Kansas State made a run to get back into the game, somebody hit a shot to stem the tide. Where again did I read that multiple options to make plays would be the difference? Oh, that’s right.

But seriously, that was a good one at the right time. Nobody was watching bad college football and everyone was relaxing after eating too much. To date, the CAA season has been chock full of decent but not eye-popping wins (Mason over, Dayton, VCU over Houston, etc.). Not anymore.

Villanova at 5:00.

Side note: you are dead on target JCCW–that Beasley kid was something else. I enjoyed watching him play. He makes everything look soooo effortless.



The Dub vs. Longwood: I like Mike Gillian, coach at Longwood. I have no idea what they are doing in Illinois over Thanksgiving. I mean, isn’t the Caribbean better? UNCW is so far not exactly gang-busters on defense, which will keep this one close for awhile. In the end, the good guys will prevail. Final score: UNCW 84, Longwood 71. (Another side note: this game has already tipped off, but in true CAA: LAMM form, I’m too lazy to look up the current score.)

Robert Morris at Drexel: RMU is going to need Robert Parish. Or Kentucky’s Randolph Morris. Or Morris Day AND the Time. Final score: Drexel 72, RMU 56.

ODU versus North Carolina: Nothing overly analytical here–and no Vegas jokes–I need a nap so I can stay up for this one. Final score: UNCLE 74, ODU 66.

George Mason versus Villanova: Nothing overly analytical here–and no Old Spice jokes–I need to get to Target before this one, and I’m scared I may be arrested after exploding on housewife who got in line at 5:00am and is on a coffee high, enough to annoy me into some sort of mismeanor. (You know, ramming my car into her minivan or something.) Sadly, I don’t see a repeat. Wright 64, Larranaga 60.


~ by mglitos on November 23, 2007.

One Response to “All Hail the Turkey, Which is a Good Thing…”

  1. You are too good, re ‘Nova Mason. Let’s go ODU your turn, prove Litos-Damus wrong.

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