Sitting in A Three-Quarters Full JPJ Arena

Looking forward to the start of this one…


Under 12:00 media time out it is 6-6 and ugly. Drexel’s guards look overmatched in a big way, and the only way Frank Elegar will be stopped is by fouling him.


Oddest thing I think I’ve ever seen. During pregame the UVa sports admin ran a taped montage of a Cavalier on a horse. Standard stuff you see about five minutes before tipoff. Everybody does it.

The oddity: the fans sat there and watched it and then cheered when the little Cavalier Guy poked at someone in armor.

Sorry Dave Barry, but I am not making this up.


Drexel trails 31-25 at the half and they need steadier guard play. Throw it on the block to Frankie won’t get it done.


~ by mglitos on November 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “Sitting in A Three-Quarters Full JPJ Arena”

  1. MGL, I’m in no way an UVA fan, but how good does Singletary look in person? Can he survive at the next level?

  2. Survive, absolutely. He is a strong player and is a better defender than I thought. He’s a little smaller than I imagined, though. He can create his shot, too. I talked to a couple UVa folks who said he took some uncharacteristically bad shots last night–he did take a few doozies–but he can get into the paint and obviously shoot from deep.

    I can’t assess NBA ability because I don’t know or care about the NBA, but in brief: one of the better college hoop players I’ve seen but smaller than expected.

    Soft spoken kid, too.

  3. Nice, I got that vibe watching him against ‘Zona the other night as well (and all of last year).

    Do the goofy UVA kids wear ties to their hoops games as well?

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