Part Deux…

In the continuing effort to bring you the entire scope of the CAA, I present another must-read. G: TB runs down the conference’s nicknames and you should check it out. You know, for history.


Interesting concept last night from Bruiser, who is always good for a quote or a lesson. (Nobody–and I repeat nobody–in the conference gets a worse rep for no reason than Bruiser.)

Virginia pounded Drexel 44-27 on the boards, but it didn’t seem to be a factor. I know that sounds odd, but consider Brusier’s take. He described something he calls “shot turnovers” that killed Drexel last night.

The concept is rooted in one team–in this case Drexel–missing a three pointer so badly that the ball kicks out to the perimeter. The opposing team’s guards track the ball down (getting credited for a rebound) and start a fast break opportunity at the other end. The theory–the ball caroms past everyone and is thus similar to a turnover situation.

Keep an eye on that one as your team starts hoisting up shots from everywhere.


Oh, there’s more…


~ by mglitos on November 21, 2007.

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