Joker, Joker, and a Triple…

This great game show moment is brought to you by the Game Show Hosts Union, past president–Wink Martindale.

(Side note: that was my attempt at humor. The actual gimmick I’m constructing comes later this afternoon…)

One tip: I spent years driving I-95 and the Jersey Turnpike (exit 7A, aka The World’s Largest Parking Lot) for Thanksgiving. I’ve spent the past four years madly cleaning the house for visitors. Cleaning is FAR better. If you have the choice, stay home. People eventually leave.

A few one- or two-liners as you prepare for the feast as I catch up, before heading out to clear the yard of the same leaves I cleared eight days ago.

Drexel’s Gerald Colds and Jamie Harris–especialy Harris–looked like freshmen last night. But make no mistake, they are talented. When they get their feet under them they will be very good players. Oh, and when the Dragons come to your town, don’t be shocked at the arc on Colds’ shot. It puts the rain in rainbow.

Frank Elegar is ridiculous. In the good way. I saw him make every move last night from a jump hook to a baseline jumper to a left-handed power lay in. Wow.

The Dub allowed Indiana to shoot greater than 60 percent from the floor in its WhoseYour finale. It is great to have all these weapons on offense, but you’re not going to beat anyone without at least pretending to play defense.

Finally, ODU played the kind of game you would expect to see. Brandon Johnson’s double-double and Gerald Lee nearly unstoppable in their 74-63 win over Iona. Two things: you can bet your mortgage the Monarchs will have an introspective conversation on the plane to Vegas about defense; and don’t sweat Brandon Johnson’s turnover totals, which are high. The kid is always in fast forward. Every now and then you have to take the bad with the good.

No clue what to make of the Tribe (nee Indians) 88-81 setback to Wagner. Danny Sumner? Vaguely reminds me of a Peter Stein explosion last year. I’m certain Tony Shaver just wants to get home, eat some turkey (that some old guy dressed in a pilgrim hat shot yesterday in Colonial Williamsburg), do some outlet shopping and get back at it on Friday.

Towson improved to 2-1 with a win over Fred G. Samford. Keep an eye on those guys, too, as Pat Kennedy has them rounding into form. Mr. Underrated, Rocky Coleman had 11 points and three assists, but his 7-8 from the line in the final minute sealed the win. Odd stat: Fred G. hoisted 22 threes in the first half and only six in the second period.

CAA: LAAM hero Jon Pease, my vote for POY even after he graduates, scored 10 and pulled down eight. Just want that out there for the record.



James Madison at VMI: It’s Free Taco Night in Lexington tonight. The Dukes of Keener head south down I-81 to play VMI, and somebody is scoring 100 points. And with VMIs pace and JMUs, uh, defense, it could be a Wilt 100 points, not a team 100 points. Look for the Dukes to roll 104-89.

Hofstra at St. Francis: I’d have to look up which Patron Saint this Frankie guy is, but I’m thinking it isn’t of the Box and One Defense. Agudio could score JMU numbers tonight, though I’ll go out on a limb and say Arminas Urbutis, one of my favorite names to type, nets a double/double in the 12 points/10 rebounds area. Pride rolls 75-58.


~ by mglitos on November 21, 2007.

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