A CAA Thanksgiving…

You didn’t really think I was going to miss out on the Mason/Kansas State Turkey Day Extravaganza, did you?

(Side note: my brain actually hurts from all today’s spew. And there’s one left.)

George Mason vs. Kansas State: On the surface this doesn’t look pretty. That Beasley kid, a member of the Subpro class, is something else. It is Beasley, right? When the letters NBA are in the conversation I tune out. Anyway, this is stars versus depth. I remember Mason in this position, oh, two years ago.

Here’s the thing about depth. It doesn’t mean you will play 12 players every night. That’s not what’s important about depth. What depth really means is that one of several players may have “that night” where he carries the team. Or makes teh key play or two.

Depth is about a coach having choices to succeed, not choices to rest his stars. And that’s why I chose Mason to win the CAA and I will pick Mason to win this game. Will Thomas may or may not get his 14 and 12. Folarin Campbell may or may not get his 17 and 5. What keeps eating at me is that I haven’t really heard “Dre Smith” yet, nor has Vlad Moldy Vino had one of those games as a freshman that makes the fans think he’s first team All Conference when he isn’t. John Vaughan for a big three anyone?

 Anyway, something is telling me the Fightin’ Larranagas win this, and I don’t think it is Stella whispering in my ear (as she often does). Coach L is too old to NOT have a solution to that Beasley kid, or whatever his name is.

Final score: George Mason 66, K-State 62.


~ by mglitos on November 21, 2007.

7 Responses to “A CAA Thanksgiving…”

  1. I hope you’re right, Litos. Either way, have a great holiday.

  2. Mason’s choices to succeed in the frontcourt are limited, especially if Monroe is still out.

    Perhaps, this matchup is more of talent versus experience rather than stars versus depth. Granted, they’ve played no one, K St. has 10 players averaging 10 minutes or more. Semantics aside, I hope you’re right and think you will be.

    I just hope Mason outplays/outsmarts/outcoaches the opposition, because the pieces are in place for that to happen.

  3. I hope your right too, but hope they don’t become obsessed with Beasley/K State. Its a real tournament, and they have to be ready. The main thing is just to go down there and represent, of course they could end up with UCF and Rider, but also could face ‘Nova, NC State, SC or Penn St.

  4. Chalk one up for the CAA.

  5. Nice work Litos-damus.

  6. Textbook example of the experienced and cohesive mid-major showing the NBA studs how it’s done. I’ll cop to enjoying watching Beasley (how the hell did a 6-10 guy get that kind of stroke?), but not nearly as much as watching Mason put the screws to everyone else and K-St. flailing in response. So, so satisfying. Carter, in particular, had one hell of a game. Can’t wait for the ‘Nova tip-off …

  7. […] As for today, I must praise the Fightin’ Larranagas for making every play they needed. Every time Kansas State made a run to get back into the game, somebody hit a shot to stem the tide. Where again did I read that multiple options to make plays would be the difference? Oh, that’s right. […]

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