Which Dragon Hit the Late Free Throw to Ruin Perfection?

And how about my man Tra Hawthorne?

Gotta be quick and drop some scheduling notes on you. Taking the last non-hoops roadie this weekend, so you’ll likely get zippo after this one until Monday morning. You’re going to have to face the weekend on your own. Jamming today to finish up work and get bags packed caused the delay. Apologies.

That said, the past 24 hours provided two performances that should be filed away for your January consideration.

Last night, Frank the Tank only ATTEMPTED five shots (six, if you count his 1-2 trip to the charity stripe) and played 16 mostly ineffectual, foul-plagued minutes in Drexel’s 77-58 win. And this morning The Dagger made 1-12 shots from the field yet VCU still held on to beat a very good Houston team. (Side note: is it my imagination, or did Anthony Grant outcoach Tom Penders by about 14 miles? Wow.)

Take note. Both players are first team All CAA choices. Both considered the lynchpin of their team. The reasoning coming into the season was “as Elegar goes, so goes Drexel” and “VCU can’t win if Maynor plays poorly.”

Neither played well and both teams still won.

A one-game sample does not build a trend, and that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that every other player on those benches now knows they can succeed without their top gun performing at peak level. That confidence is heap-big important come middle January, when they are on the road and down seven with eight minutes to play and their star on the pine.


My latest guestie is over at Flyers Fieldhouse. I penned a bit of a preview for Dayton on the George Mason Patriots–the teams battle on Saturday.


~ by mglitos on November 16, 2007.

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