The Scarlet Letter…

Bucknell at Towson: The Bison are again supposed to be very good in the Patriot–top two or three–but they struggled against Albany in their opener, ultimately winning 55-52. For their part Towson looked very good in beating Loyola. I may live to regret this, but I cannot make value judgments based on one game. Besides, Junior Hairston won’t go all eyesight (20/20) on us again. Should be a good game, but Towson will come up just short. Final score: Bucknell 65, Towson 62.

Drexel at Florida Gulf Coast: You think Bruiser and his gang are laughing? They are in Florida to play a team they should–technical term–whomp while flights out of Philly were cancelled left and right and fog caused by incoming cold. What, you thought there would be grand insight? Final Score: Drexel 76, FGC 58.

And that brings us to Tra Hawthorne. Frank the Tank rightfully gets the headlines, and Gerald Colds won CAA freshman of the week. Nobody has said much about Hawthorne, and I think he is the key to this team.

First, somebody has to open up the blocks for Elegar. While a force inside, Elegar isn’t a space eater big man. He is an athletic, move around the blocks big man. He can’t therefore be effective if he keeps running into defenders who are cheating low to help out.

Second, the one knock on Drexel for years has been their shooting. They haven’t had any. Hawthorne gives them a new weapon to work with and for opponents to defend.

Hawthorne won’t make any All CAA teams and he won’t light the world on fire. But I’m betting the number of Drexel victories will be tied very closely to Hawthorne’s success.


 Whelliston is chatting at 4:00 at ESPN.


~ by mglitos on November 14, 2007.

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