The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…

From the age of, oh, 13 to about 23 I couldn’t get enough Clint Eastwood. Sure, the Dirty Harry movies were great for a line or two, but the real hay could be made with the spaghetti westerns. Josey Wales was memorable, but none stand above Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach standing alongside Blondie.

And that’s why Mondays are officially Good, Bad, and Ugly days here at CAA: LAMM. We will wrap up the weekend as best as we can each Monday in this format. With luck I’ll spend most weekends between now and March traveling so at some point I’ll need to wax. And there’s no better gimmick with which to wax than old movies.


The Friday Five-Oh: VCU, Mason, Drexel, Towson, and JMU all get it done. Only VCU played an opponent that could be considered “substandard.”

Junior Hairston and his double-double (squared), but really the entire Towson team gets the nod. I’ll call out Rocky Coleman, who will be overlooked everywhere this season except in locker rooms. Coaches know.

JMU just smells differently. You know? It’s kind of like walking into a house on Thanksgiving Day. You’re not sure what the ingredients are–and really don’t care. You just know it smells darn good.

Validation (for me): The Tribe in a two-point game with a Final Four team not from DeeCee, and Cap’n Matt playing horribly but doing “Cap’n Things” to keep Nor’Easter close as well.

The Dub’s victory over the College of Cremins is less impressive than Vladie Kools hitting 25 and 18–remember folks say he doesn’t play hard. Sure.

Setenza (side note: loved Van Cleef in this movie.)

It’s easy to point to Hofstra’s shooting woes in its loss to Holy Cross, but Playstation needs more than one assist. I’m not sure why Greg Washington’s five fouls in seven minutes or Darren Townes’s 1-8 free throw “marksmanship” is here instead of ugly. The shooting will come around.

Bruiser Flint continues his quest to schedule 28 games in 34 days. (Note: there’s plenty good to say about Tra Hawthorne. Tomorrow.)

TJ Carter, the man who received as much offseason press as global warming, missed all seven of his three-pointers and made only six of 10 freebies. He also committed five turnovers. Welcome back, TJ. Daniel Fountain isn’t guarding you anymore.

Get used to the script this season, Panthers fans. Ga State hangs tough for awhile and then runs out of gas. Being outscored by 23, in the second half, at home, does not bode well. Rod Barnes doesn’t have the horses. Yet.


Monte Ross said Herb “Harding” Courtney and Brian Johnson will be better players with rest. In the Hens’ opening loss to Marist, the dynamic duo combined for three bench minutes. Three.

Same game, Marist’s Spongy Benjamin–I’m thinking that might be a nickname– went for 21 points and 17 rebounds and did not commit a foul. I’m going to need Whelliston or Pomeroy to check on the last time someone hauled in 17 caroms and didn’t foul once. Or once that was called.

Hofstra’s shooting. Yes, it will turn around, but 4-26 if your name is not Agudio is putrid.

Several stretches of the VCU/UMES game looked like an early season game between a CAA contender and a MEAC doormat. Ugh.


~ by mglitos on November 12, 2007.

5 Responses to “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…”

  1. I’m seeing 6-10 freebies for TJC

  2. I watched Josey Wales probably 30 times when I was a young man. It seemed to be on every month or two, and I enjoyed it even though I was a Kansas kid and Eastwood portrayed one of those damn, dirty bushwhackers from Missouri.

  3. Hugh: my inability to discern makes from misses shouldn’t stand in the way of a good story. Thanks for the catch. I’ll fix it.

    EP: Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining. I still use that one.

  4. What about ODU? You mentioned every other team in the CAA.

  5. Even though the points weren’t though TJ’s shooting percentage wasn’t great he hit free throws late in the game to send it to OT and he nearly had a double-double with 9 assists.

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