Ah, To Be Junior Hariston…

The CoC transfer goes for 26 points and 21 rebounds in his debut for Towson. Mason’s Will Thomas hits for 16 points and 17 rebounds in the Patriots’ home win over Vermont. Gerald Colds pops 18 home in Drexel’s win. And VCU freshman Larry Sanders has nine points and nine rebounds in the Rams’ win. Finally, though folks will point to The Second Coming’s 15 points and seven assists in JMUs victory over Siena–or the JYD hitting all eight shots he took–I was glad to see Kyle Swanston’s 13 points and four rebounds.

Five games, five wins. I’ve seen worse.

Today, the Tribe hung with Georgetown before dropping that one. And tomorrow:

South Carolina State at Old Dominion: This gets ugly early. Sam Harris posts numbers that ODU fans salivate over. Final score: ODU 75, SoCaSt 58.

Nor’Easter at Illinois: Cap’n Matt and the Unmentionables keep this game closer than anyone outside Boston–the Huskies’ part of Boston–believe. Final score: Illinois 72, Nor’Easter 65.

Navy at Drexel: Tired from the long commute back home, Drexel starts slow. Nah. Final score: Drexel 65, Navy 56.

Marist at Delaware: Monte Ross making them believe. Final score: Delaware 71, Marist 66.


~ by mglitos on November 10, 2007.

One Response to “Ah, To Be Junior Hariston…”

  1. Cap’n Matt was putrid, and a couple of the Unmentionables deserve mention – remember the name Chaisson Allen – NU’s 6’4 (yep, 6’4) freshman point guard looked great against Illinois.

    I was at the game and a couple of the beat writers from U of I I was sitting next to (I do some freelance writing on my own) thought he could start for about half of the Big 10.

    Also, Nkem Ojuboh gives NU a presence underneath that we haven’t had in ages.

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