Keeping a Promise, Even As I Furiously Study UMES

Don’t forget tonight’s games. (I can’t write that with a straight face.) I won’t forget Sunday’s games.

As for tomorrow:

William & Mary at Georgetown: I’m thinking Alex Smith didn’t see the likes of Roy Hibbert this summer during the Pan Am Games. I’m not sure Alex Smith saw the likes of Roy Hibbert on ESPN Classic. This one has all the makings of a season-opening snoozefest: the Hoyas get out to a quick big lead, say 28-13, and the lead fluctuates between nine and 22 the rest of the way. It’s just enough to show you a lot, and just enough to show you nothing. Kinda like a bikini. Final score: G-Town 75, Tribe 61.

Hofstra at Holy Cross: The Crusaders lost their POY and point guard. So did the Pride. How about that one? The difference: Holy Cross has no Antoine Agudio, and I don’t know that anyone matches up with Greg Washington. Sider: Charles Jenkins hits for 14 points and Hofstra steals one. Final score: Hofstra 77, Holy Cross 74.

College of Charleston at UNCW: Toughie, as my two of my three favorite road trips were in these cities. (Boston is the other.) Think that Bugs Bunny baseball cartoon and apply it to TJ Carter: “playing left field, Bugs Bunny. Playing first base, Bugs Bunny.” At least that’s where everyone’s eyes will be. At the final buzzer someone–probably a Heckler–will notice Vladie Kools went for 19 and 12. Final score: UNCW 78, CoC 68.

UAB at Georgia State: Many folks had UAB rated as the best C-USA team not in the national top five. That was before the trouble. (You’ll get links to these stories when I’m not so rushed.) That is too much chaos for a roadie opener, and Leonard Mendez will be the best player on the floor. Plus, I like the experience of the Panthers, even with a short bench. Final score: Georgia State 64, UAB 60.

And now I’m off to finish perusing the highlights of Ed Tyon and Marc Davis–former high school teammates.


~ by mglitos on November 9, 2007.

4 Responses to “Keeping a Promise, Even As I Furiously Study UMES”

  1. mgl, bless you for your confidence in the tribe, but if i could get georgetown -14, i’d bet the mortgage.

  2. Looks like you were wrong about Vlad… he actually went for 25 and 18. WOW.

  3. Rob, I would’ve wanted an inspection before taking over your home.

    Gorilla–Any credit for knowing it was Vlad’s night, and that “one of you” would know and acknowledge?

  4. Ha – ALL the credit. I was thinking that you had Vladie Kools colored glasses on when you made the prediction, but boy did he deliver.

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